BJ MILKYTEA has “bears” serving you BBT through a hole in the wall, get 50% off 2nd drink till 31st Aug

by Natalie Lim

Just when we thought things were getting better, we’re back to Phase 2. Most of us may be despairing over cancelled plans and dining restrictions, but hey, dry those tears as we’ve got a little perk-you-up for you.

To make your day better, consider heading to BJ MILKYTEA, a new bubble tea store at Tanjong Pajar. The drinks are ordered and served through a tiny hole in the wall, and given to you by — wait for it — a bear. Plus, they’re having a 50% off your second drink promotion. Safe and affordable.

BJ MILKYTEA at Tanjong Pajar

bj milkytea

Located at Tanjong Pajar, BJ MILKYTEA’s store entrance is hard to miss. The vibrantly red storefront only sports a white brick wall with a tiny hole, enticing curious minds to come nearer to check it out. 

Customers are to order their drinks through the hole in the wall, bringing safety distancing measures to a whole new level.

bj milkytea

Don’t be startled if you see furry paws reaching out to you. BJ MILKYTEA is home to three cuddly “bears”, white, black, and brown in colour, all fully trained to serve their customers.

bj milkytea

Going to the zoo may not be a wise thing to do now due to the cluster of COVID-19 cases. But a short driveby for a few cups of bubble tea and a photo ops moment? We might be able to make an exception. 


 This unbearably cute concept comes with affordable drinks too. With prices starting from S$2.40, it’ll be worth every cent to visit these friendly bears.

The drink menu includes hot favourites such as Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (S$4.80 for M, S$5.80 for L) and Caramel Fresh Milk (S$4.80 for M, S$5.80 for L), and there’s even Milo Macchiato (S$3.80 for M, S$4.80 for L) for those that want their cocoa fix.

But if you need to cool off from the humid weather, you can opt for the Ice Blended Series of Polar Mango (S$6.80), Polar Grapes (S$6.80), Polar Lychee (S$6.80) and more.


To make things easier for you, here’s the full menu.

Since they’re having a 50% off your second drink promotion till 31 August, don’t miss out on this special deal.

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