The first ever Disneyland in Southeast Asia might be opening in Melaka

by Carol Ong

If you’ve been on the North South line on the MRT, you probably know about the notoriously ‘long’ distance (it’s about six minutes) between Khatib MRT station and Yio Chu Kang MRT station. Rumour has it that this is because Singapore’s very own Disneyland was to be built in the plots of land between these two stations, but unfortunately the plans fell through. 

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Photo: Nee Soon Town Council

If you’ve still been pining for our very own magical theme park — don’t be too disappointed yet. While it might not be on our sunny island, it’s been reported that Southeast Asia’s very first Disneyland will be opening across the border in Malaysia, more specifically, Melaka, in 2027. Could it be that a weekend trip to the happiest place on Earth is finally possible now? 

Photo: @brit_at_wdw/instagram

While official sources have yet to confirm the claims, the project was announced by Datuk Muhammad Jailani (a Malaysian politician serving as a member of the Melaka State Executive Council), who also stated that the construction of the theme park will cost at least RM2 billion

disneyland space mountain
Photo: @marcuspaulsondds/instagram

The reported size of the theme park will also be up to 200 acres (that’s the size of almost 152 football fields!) — so there’ll be plenty of space for all of your favourite attractions like It’s A Small World and Space Mountain (just to name a couple). 

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Photo: @daderpyfoodies/instagram

Other than the rides, the theme park is known for its fantastic food, and each location usually has its own exclusive treats — like the famous Little Green Men Mochi Dumplings (inspired by Toy Story) in Tokyo and Mickey Mouse Peking Duck Pizza in Shanghai. Considering how Malaysia is already known for its awesome good food, we can only imagine how exciting the food at the theme park would be! 

disneyland paris
Photo: @mayaracavatte/instagram

So far, the only Disney theme parks outside of the United States of America are in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo — so it’s easy to understand why everyone is so hyped about the possibility of having our very own Disneyland in the region! 

Once again, given that the news has yet to be confirmed by official Disney sources, be sure to keep a lookout for more updates. 

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