Fei Lou Fatt has a S$5 Stack-All-You-Can Lok Lok Challenge with over 20 types of lok lok to choose from & incredible prawn noodles

fei lou fatt

We’re dreaming of lok lok today in the office – with a colleague (you know who you are) who’s quite literally rushing out her tasks for the day, just so she’s able to rush on over to Fei Lou Fatt to satisfy her lok lok cravings. 

If you haven’t quite heard, Fei Lou Fatt (a prawn noodle and lok lok eatery) currently has a S$5 ‘Stack-All-You-Can Lok Lok Challenge’ where you pay only S$5 for as much lok lok as you can stack onto a saucer!

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Choose from over 20 different types of lok lok with the different types of ingredients you love such as enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon, Korean fishcake and abalone, and stack away. Think of it as lok lok Tetris and be smart with your stack – balance is key – and game on.

Do note that you can only take on the challenge if you purchase a main (from S$8).

fei lou fatt
Photos: @eatwithrachie and @diningcompanion/instagram

There are four types of lok lok seasoning to choose from too – Sze Chuan Mala, Seaweed, BBQ and Furikake. (We personally can’t get enough of the seaweed seasoning!) And don’t forget to choose your dips as well with Thai Sweet Chilli, Thai Green Chilli and Mayonnaise available.

Photo by Confirm Good

And if you’re here, apart from the lok lok, make sure to check out the other dishes they have on the menu as well. They’re well known for their prawn noodles, especially their Signature Fei Lou Noodle (S$20), a traditional prawn noodle packed with mouthwatering umami, huge prawns, abalone, and braised pork ribs.

fei lou fatt
Photos: @diningcompanion and @sgfoodonfoot/instagram

But if you’re not in the mood for such decadence, then you might want to opt instead for a simple but still hearty bowl of Prawn Noodles (from S$8), accompanied by the rich and oh-so-flavourful prawn broth!

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