GaiBang sells HK-style dim sum from S$1.40 with Sesame Custard Ball, Floating Prawn Siew Mai, and more

by Jesslyn Lye

Looking for a pocket-friendly eatery that dishes out delectable dim sum? Check out the newly-opened GaiBang takeaway kiosk at Paya Lebar Square!

Photos: @qingxiangsqx and @shootandspoon/instagram

GaiBang boasts an extensive range of dim sum favourites, from rice rolls and buns, to pancakes and steamed dishes. Most items are available either by the piece, or in a basket of three to four — so you won’t have to worry too much about hungry friends or family members stealing a bite.

A must-try item is the Stuffed Taro in Sweet Potato Balls (S$4) — the aromatic taro filling and the chewy sweet potato ball come together to create a delightful combination of flavours and textures. 

Photos: @qingxiangsqx and @wishuponatart/instagram

The Sesame Custard Ball (S$1.70 for 1pc, S$4.80 for 3pc), with its unique black-coloured sesame skin and smooth golden custard filling, is another popular option. And good news for all the fans of fried dim sum out there: the dishes here are crispy without being too oily or cloying.

Photos: and @qingxiangsqx/instagram

If you prefer your dim sum steamed, you’ll be pleased to find a wide range of buns, rice rolls, glutinous rice, and steamed dishes on the menu. The stall offers three takes on Siew Mai, a classic dim sum staple. Choose from the Shiitake Chicken Siew Mai (S$1.40 for 1pc, S$3.80 for 3pc), the Seafood Siew Mai (S$1.40 for 1pc, S$3.80 for 3pc), or the Floating Prawn Siew Mai (S$1.70 for 1pc, S$4.80 for 3pc). Who knew the humble Siew Mai could have so many variations?

Photos: and @wishuponatart/instagram

This takeaway kiosk is perfect for a quick and fuss-free dim sum fix, and alternatively, for days when you’re too lazy or too busy bingeing the latest Netflix series to get out of the house – the stall is also available for delivery on GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo. 

So the next time you’re in the mood for dim sum, head over to GaiBang to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. 

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???? 60, Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square, #01-31, Singapore 409051
???? 9.00am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sun) 

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