The viral Korean jiggly pudding is here in Singapore at Hana Restaurant with flavours like strawberry latte, chocolate & milk

by Kaye Yeo

If you haven’t seen the viral Korean jiggly bunny pudding clip that garnered over 41 million views and two million likes on Instagram — well, you can see it for yourself below!

What’s even more exciting is that the Korean jiggly pudding is now available in Singapore at Hana Restaurant, so you can see it in action and jiggle those adorable bunnies yourself.

Known as tosuni (rabbit pudding) or punyangi (pudding cat), these wobbly treats have become quite the sensation in South Korea. Cafes like Cafe Florida in Gwangju and Cafe Norris in Cheongju that offer them have been seeing crowds of people flocking to their stores in hopes of getting their hands on one. 

Screencap from @florida_nyc/instagram

But for us Singaporeans, we could only admire them through our phones. But this is where Hana Restaurant comes in clutch! As a restaurant that is always on the ball when it comes to the latest trends, they’ve released their own versions of the Korean jiggly pudding — Shaky Milk Pudding.

Korean jiggly pudding
Screencap from @florida_nyc/instagram

The Shaky Milk Pudding comes in three flavours: Original (Hokkaido Milk), Strawberry Latte and Milk Chocolate. 

You can get to spank them and watch them shake for the low, low price of S$7.90++. Definitely cheaper than a plane ticket to Korea, wouldn’t you say?

Korean jiggly pudding
Screencap from @hanarestaurantsg/instagram

The Shaky Milk Pudding has been selling out fast since its launch in September 2023. They are available for dine-in, but if you want to avoid any disappointment, you might want to try pre-ordering them instead.

There are no limitations in terms of the number of puddings you can pre-order, so there’s no stopping you from getting an army of bunnies! You can place your pre-orders through the contact on their website or through their Facebook here.

Korean jiggly pudding
Photo: @hanarestaurantsg/instagram

Hana Restaurant also puts their own unique spin on other viral creations, such as their Honeycomb Cloudy Sake (S$48), which takes inspiration from the honeycomb makgeolli in Korea. Some of their past exploits include the insta-worthy Flying Noodles and overflowing Nissin Cup Noodles which were highly popular.

Korean jiggly pudding
Photo: @hanarestaurantsg/instagram

They’ve recently launched an adorable collection of drinks featuring pandas in light of Le Le’s upcoming departure. Why not get your hands on both if you’re all about adorable desserts?

Hurry and make your reservations before all these cute bunnies get snapped up!

Shaky Milk Pudding @ Hana Restaurant
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