You’ve tried Ramly burgers, now try Ramly cheesecakes available in Singapore supermarkets

by Evan Mua
ramly cheesecake singapore

The Ramly brand is synonymous with sinful burgers you get from Pasar Malam stalls that are drenched all over with addictive sauces, but did you know? Ramly doesn’t just sell burgers, they also have cheesecakes that are packaged and ready-to-eat straight out of cute plastic cups.

These ready-to-eat cheesecakes have gone viral recently, with everyone wondering what the desserts from Ramly would taste like.

“Ramly cheesecakes” might conjure up strange images of cheesecakes flavoured with Ramly beef or chicken but rest assured, they come in pretty normal favours.

ramly cheesecake singapore
Photo: @ramlyhalalmartshahalams/instagram

These desserts are a pretty new arrival to Singapore supermarkets and they come in 4 flavours — Tiramisu, Blueberry, Lemon, and Chocolate.

Ramly’s cheesecakes are closer to traditional cheesecakes, but it’s all jammed into a cup of creamy goodness. Unlike the popular Basque Burnt Cheesecakes nowadays, each cup is packed with both creamy cream cheese and a layer of crumbly crust.

Each cup comes with 60g cheesecake and costs S$2.50 at NTUC Fairprice, and they are halal too.


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Yeah, the Ramly cheesecakes are a little pricey for the portion but they made up for it by loading every cup with sinful goodness.

For starters, the Chocolate flavour comes coated with a layer of rich chocolate to satiate your chocolate cravings. Those who like something more classic can get the Blueberry flavour, with is smothered with oodles of zesty blueberries and jam, just like a good ol’ New York Cheesecake.

ramly cheesecake singapore
Photo: Screenshot from Hisham Raus/youtube

The Tiramisu flavour also makes a lot of sense with Ramly’s cheesecake style, since the cups of cream remind us of how tiramisu is normally layered.

You can find these at NTUC FairPrice and HAOmart now, and can also be bought online from NTUC FairPrice here.

Ramly Ready-to-Eat Cheesecake
???? At NTUC Fairprice and HAOmart

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Top images from @ramlyhalalmartshahalams/instagram and @sghalaldeals/tiktok

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