Japan’s trending sushi sandwiches arrive in Singapore & start from S$4.60

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Burger unbelievers like me will never get the hype about patties sandwiched between two buns. The game-changer, however, comes when those buns are replaced with fluffy Japanese rice instead. Now that, I can get behind. Enter #ricesando, Japan’s trending sushi sandwiches, arriving as the first of its kind right here in sunny Singapore.

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Thick sushi sandwiches

rice sando
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She’s thick, she’s juicy, and she’s most definitely tasty. Yes, I’m referring to our rice sandos, and what about it? Bite into the Sunny Hamburg (S$6.80) featuring a ground beef patty with an 8:2 meat to fat ratio and a runny sunny side up.

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Otherwise, there’s also the special Gyu Sukiyaki (S$6.20) seared on the spot atop a teppanyaki grill and drizzled with #ricesando’s signature sauce presenting a blend of fuji apple, ginger puree, soya sauce, mirin, and minced onions.

rice sando
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An unexpected favourite, however, turned out to be the fork-tender Unagi (S$7.80) sando which paired delectably with the slight sweetness of the rolled tamago it was sandwiched with. While seemingly unassuming, the duo came together in a fistful of flavour and balance.

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There also exists a plant-based option by way of the Inari Mushroom (S$6.40) comprising sautéed honshimeiji and shitake mushrooms glazed with an original red and white Hokkaido miso sauce, all encased within a soft inari skin. And of course, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic Tuna Corn (S$4.60) that boasts an unfailing, creamy meld.

Set meals at +S$4.80

rice sando
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When you top up S$4.80 to the price of your rice sando, you’re entitled to the set meal which consists of a drink and a side of choice. Choose from Karaage (a la carte at S$3.80), French Fries (a la carte at S$3.80), Coleslaw (a la carte at S$3.80), and Tonjiru Miso Soup (a la carte at S$3.80) along with a choice of Ayataka tea or bottled water.

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