Singapore’s first-ever horror-themed art jamming studio lets you draw your intrusive thoughts while sipping on “blood bags”

by Sheree Chua

While people out there love Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Hannah Grace’s Icebreaker, my interest lies along the lines of H.D Carlton’s Haunting Adeline and Raven Kennedy’s Gild.

For #booktok fans, you’ll totally get what I mean. If you’re not, I was essentially admitting that I’m a dark romance fanatic. In fact, I’ll choose to go to the dark side over the light side any day.

But my love for the dark side doesn’t stop at books; I can also explore it during an art jamming session. And you can too.

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

SCURO is Singapore’s first horror-themed art jamming studio, and they are truly making their mark in a scene where most art jamming studios lean towards the cute and whimsical.

Well, there’s nothing whimsical about this place as the studio is dimly lit and decorated with unsettling posters, ghoulish trinkets like blood-spilled figurines and skulls, and all sorts of macabre artwork.

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

You’re even encouraged to come in a horror-themed costume of your choice, allowing you to fully immerse yourself as you draw whatever and anything your dark imagination inspires.

Of course, as we’re all civilised folks here, respect remains crucial. SCURO prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone. This means that inappropriate or offensive artwork and behaviour must be thrown out the window.

So, not everything can be drawn, yeah?

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

There are three types of classes available at SCURO: Exorcistic Fully Guided, The Shoulder Devil Soft Guided and Unhinged and Unguided.

The Exorcistic Fully Guided, as its name suggests, is what you should sign up for if you’re not a natural-born Picasso and question your drawing skills. For S$58 per person or S$98 for two participants, you’ll be assisted by an instructor throughout the entire session.

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

On the other hand, The Shoulder Devil Soft Guided offers a bit of help when you need it. The instructors won’t be a constant presence, just there to guide if you need a nudge in the right direction. This session goes for S$38 per person or S$68 for two participants.

The truly insane and artistically inclined can dive into their dark side entirely with the Unhinged and Unguided session. Tickets are priced at S$28 per person or grab a partner for S$48.

All classes grant you a 40cm x 50cm stretched canvas and everything you need to create your grotesque masterpiece: paints, brushes, palette knives and aprons to keep you tidy (don’t want any blood stains lingering around as evidence, right?).

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

Once your painting is done, set it aside to dry, then relax with a drink. And not just any ordinary drink — here, blood is served. The “blood bag” (S$3.80) may simply be a fruit punch but the packaging is so realistic that it even comes in various blood types.

Photo: @scurosg/instagram

Otherwise, you can shop from a range of twisted photographs (S$15 each) from local artists Tay Yuan Song, director of Inverted Pictures, Singapore’s first horror production house, and art prints (S$12 for one, S$20 for two) from Ruyukii.

If you love all things horror and this sounds right up your alley, do yourself a favour and come on down.

Are you ready to turn your nightmares into masterpieces?

Website | Instagram
📍21 Pasir Ris Grove, #01-34 Coco Palms, MurcyArt Gallery, Singapore 518070
🕐7am–9.30pm (Sat & Sun), Closed from Mon to Fri

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