This hidden waffle shop under a HDB block has innovative flavours like taro, Japanese white roasted sesame, milo custard & more

by Kaye Yeo

This humble waffle shop located below Blk 333 in Kreta Ayer is a real hidden gem. Despite the lack of social media presence, Small Bites has been quietly cultivating a strong and loyal customer base solely through word-of-mouth in the neighbourhood.

What makes this waffle shop stand out is the unusual flavours available on the menu, all offered at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Heard of Taro Waffles before? Well, now you have. Even though taro and pandan are really compatible as flavours, it’s not common to find traditional pandan waffles with taro paste.

The owner is adamant in using the best ingredients for her waffle spread. The taro paste is made from scratch with Thai Taro, a pricier yet more fragrant variety.

Small Bites
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Moreover, she is also not stingy with the fillings. The fact that the taro waffles are still sold at S$2.60, considering the quality and generous portions, is a real bargain.

Likewise, Small Bites uses white sesame in their Japanese Roasted Sesame Waffles (S$3), with a pinch of black sesame to create a more aromatic filling. The creamy, nutty filling has captured the hearts (and stomachs) of many patrons and is always almost the first to sell out.

Small Bites
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Their Adzuki Red Bean Waffles (S$2.80) incorporate orange rinds in the filling, complementing the sweetness of the red bean with a light, citrusy essence so you won’t feel jelak even after scarfing down the whole waffle.

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They have more interesting flavours like the Banana Oatmeal Puree (S$2.80), which uses fresh bananas and oatmeal, and Shredded Coconut with Gula Melaka (S$2.80). Milo Custard (S$2.60) is also beloved by those with a sweet tooth.

Small Bites
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You can make a special request to have your waffles made extra crispy, but the owner has invested in a vertical fan to ensure the waffles stay crispy even after they have cooled. 

Small Bites does offer classic waffle flavours like plain (S$1.50), kaya (S$2), and more. Other house-made drinks and snacks such as curry puffs (S$2), Apple Vinegar with Lemon (S$3) and packed meals like sambal bee hoon (S$2.80) are also offered.

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The stall is conveniently located right outside Maxwell MRT, so why not head down for some small bites right away?

Small Bites 小吃
???? 333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #01-29, Singapore 080333
???? 11am–7pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

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