The Hainan Story has MILO Chicken Cutlet for S$9.90 and other MILO-centric dishes for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Do you love MILO? What about fried chicken? Well, if your answer to those questions was a resounding yes, The Hainan Story has now introduced a new dish where you get to enjoy two of your favourite things together. That’s right, the limited-edition MADE with MILO Goodness menu features four milo-centric dishes like Milo Swiss Roll, Milo Toast, and yes, Milo Chicken Cutlet. 

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Milo holds a special place in all our hearts — remember the iconic Milo truck? Naturally, when Hainan Story released this special collaboration with Nestle Professional, you best bet we had to give it a go, and boy was it an experience. 

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For starters, we kicked off our meal with the MADE with MILO Toast (S$2.20) which featured The Hainan Story’s popular fluffy thick toast dusted with MILO powder and drizzled with condensed milk. The toast was oh-so decadent, and I loved how the condensed milk on the toast really elevated the chocolatey flavours, with the sweetness making for a good midday perk-me-up. Eating this reminded me of when I used to sprinkle MILO powder on my toast as a kid. 

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When I saw the MADE with MILO Swiss Roll (S$3.70) on the menu I was really excited for it because MILO and cake is a sure-hit combination. I loved that the sponge cake was light and fluffy. Although, I would have preferred if the cream filling had a slightly stronger MILO taste.   

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But the real star of the show is the MADE with MILO Hainanese Crispy Chicken Cutlet (S$9.90) which features The Hainan Story’s Signature Chicken Cutlet dusted with MILO powder, alongside a serving of fries. While the chicken was tasty and nicely seasoned, the taste from the MILO powder was very muted, especially when dipped in the slightly spicy housemade Hainanese BBQ sauce. However, when eaten on its own, you do get a slight hint of a sweet chocolate-y taste coming through. 

Of course you can’t have milo without the quintessential drink and on the menu is the MADE with MILO Hainan Three Treasures (S$4.50) which is a more zhng-ed up version of your regular yuanyang with MILO powder sprinkled on top. With this one, you get the fragrance of Hainanese coffee, premium tea and a tad bit of MILO chocolate malt. The aftertaste reminded me of chocolate milk which got me thinking if I should start swopping out my regular coffee order for this. 

The MADE with MILO Goodness menu is available for a limited time only, so run, don’t walk to The Hainan Story outlets at Jewel, Hillion Mall, and Hotel Boss in Lavender to try this unique sweet-savoury combination! 

Will you be down to trying MILO with fried chicken? 

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