ZIPAIR is offering flights to Tokyo from just S$130 inclusive of check-in baggage allowance, in-flight meals, free Wi-Fi & more

by Marcus Leong

Are you in need of a vacation? We all know that the answer to that question is never a “no”. I’m pretty sure no one in the right frame of mind would say no to a vacation — much less, a vacation to Japan

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But a quick check on the airfares online and you’d probably find yourself thinking twice about that sweet holiday to the land of the rising sun. Well, maybe this airline might just be your saving grace. 

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Japanese low-cost carrier ZIPAIR has one-way flights to Tokyo going from just S$130. A round trip ticket will set you back around S$417.83 — a pretty good deal if you ask me! 

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Although here is the catch, the airline currently only operates one flight per day, which means only seven flights to Tokyo per week. However, you do get a choice of roughing it out in the standard economy class seats or give yourself the first class treatment and splurge on a business class seat — yes this budget airline also has a business class option, complete with flatbed seats. Just like with T’Way Airlines (a Korean budget airline), you too can experience the glitz and the glamour here without breaking the bank.

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A pro tip to scoring the cheapest fares on the airline is to set your departure dates to be between Monday or Thursday. There are two classes available onboard — Standard and Premium. You’ll get to choose between Value, Biz, and Premium packages, with add-on prices starting from just S$29.99. The Value package gives you a check-in baggage allowance of 23KG and a standard in-flight meal — a very fuss free experience.  

The Premium package gives you the chance to pre-book your preferred seats, in-flight meal, check-in baggage allowance of 23KG as well as carry-on allowance of up to 12KG, and an amenity set — kinda similar to what you would get on any regular carrier. The same applies if you’re booking a round trip ticket. 

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Since ZIPAIR is a budget airline, there isn’t any in-flight entertainment system onboard. So, you’d wanna make sure you have enough shows to keep you entertained throughout your entire flight duration — especially if you’re travelling with kids, because the last thing anyone wants onboard is a screaming grumpy child. 

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While there isn’t any in-flight entertainment onboard, ZIPAIR offers free unlimited Wi-Fi, which means you can stream your dramas, scroll through TikTok, and even play games on your devices during your flight. The seats are also equipped with charging ports and a comfy spot to perch your tablets so you don’t have to keep holding your devices in your hands. Honestly, with the price and this much attention to detail, consider me sold. 

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If you’re travelling with kids, ZIPAIR also has a ton of kid-friendly travel perks including complimentary seat selection, discounted airfares of up to 70%, free infant seats for children below two years old, and more! 

So, if you’re still planning your year-end holiday, here’s your sign to fly to Japan with ZIPAIR! Book your tickets here


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