About Us

by admin

ConfirmGood is a reputable media publishing platform that holds a repertoire of the latest experiences, news and recommendations.

As the name suggests, “ConfirmGood” is a reflection of our ideals and motto where we strive to share things that are good to our readers. Likewise, if you find something good, share them with us!

We started with the aim to deliver reliable lifestyle content to everyday Singaporeans and eventually grew a community of more than 600,000 subscribers collectively across our Telegram affiliated channels, such as Good2GoSG, GoodToFly, Student Perks, Vanity Suite, Next In Tech, GoodLobang, and more.

Today, ConfirmGood is able to directly reach out to the largest number of audiences in Singapore across various categories, with our strong following. We value and foster community ties and personal connections with our tight-knit readers, and actively engage them through interactive engagements and exclusive giveaways.

In addition, we have forged strong relationships with beloved and well-known brands locally and internationally by offering a personal touch in content creation and delivering well-researched insights. Some of the brands we have had the opportunity to work with are the likes of Singapore Airlines, Grab, Sony and Cedele, amongst others.

By tailoring our content to suit different demographics, we are able to appeal to a wide range of audiences by sharing practical and helpful guides with them.

ConfirmGood is the ultimate lifestyle site with the best recommendations in town for everyone!