Babchingu Kimchi is an authentic banchan store in VivoCity run by Koreans with a huge variety of freshly made and less common side dishes


When you think of dining at a Korean restaurant, what is one of the first things that pop into your mind? Mine has got to be the huge array of side dishes, or as they say, banchan that they serve up to whet our appetite and go with the hearty meals to come. 

Oftentimes, I’d find myself thinking — if only we could have ‘dabao’ all these side dishes home to go with our home-cooked meals as well! The refreshing and tangy crunch of kimchi is pretty much good with any kind of food. Here’s a fun fact: did you know that Koreans have side dishes with western dishes like pasta too? And honestly, they might be onto something — the crispness of the fermented side dishes cuts through the grease on heavy foods perfectly, so don’t knock it till you try it! 

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Tucked away in B2 just beside the check-out counters at Fairprice in VivoCity, Babchingu Kimchi is a humble little store selling authentic Korean side dishes — and they’re freshly made and packed (it’s definitely not the same as store-bought and pre-packaged side dishes!). 

babchingu korean side dishes vivocity
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As you step up to the store, you’ll realise that the store is actually run by true blue Koreans — so you know that the side dishes will taste nothing short of what you’ll find in the streets and restaurants of Seoul. Honestly, even looking at the menu, you’ll probably get a sense that these are side dishes that you won’t be able to find in the kimchi aisle in our usual supermarkets. 

babchingu korean side dishes vivocity
Photos: Trent Lai/google images

Just for kimchi alone, there’s already a really substantial variety consisting of items like Ginseng Kimchi, Baby Radish Kimchi, Mustard Leaf Kimchi, White Kimchi and more. Of course, there’s also the Traditional Kimchi and Fresh Kimchi as well, if you don’t like your kimchi being too aged and sour. 

babchingu korean side dishes vivocity
Photos: Trent Lai/google images

As for the other side dishes, you’ll find items like Dried Radish, Soy or Garlic Perilla Leaf, Fish Cake, Anchovy, Black Soybeans, and many more. 

For those who want to do a little bit of cooking on their own, there’s also frozen sauces and seafood available like Seasoned Hairtail, Seasoned Squid, Salted Shrimp and the list goes on.

Ready to taste a little piece of South Korea in your meals as and when? Check out Babchingu Kimchi at VivoCity! 

Babchingu Kimchi
???? 23, 1 HarbourFront Walk, B2, Singapore 098585
???? 8am–11pm (Mon to Sun)

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