Da Long Yi Hotpot has spicy mala hotpot to challenge your tastebuds with and more

by Trinity Sun

Sichuan cuisine is known for its spice, and Da Long Yi Hotpot brings the spicy flavours of Sichuan to Singapore. With unique menu offerings such as Butter Mala Hotpot, Chilli Crab Hotpot and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

da long yi hotpot
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The restaurant is especially known for their freshness of ingredients, with juicy beef strips and crunchy lotus root, as well as spicy meatballs and fresh vegetables.

da long yi hotpot
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You’ll be treated to a captivating rooftop view as you dine, and the Chinese-inspired décor will make you feel as if you’re in Sichuan enjoying a steamy bowl of mala soup.

da long yi hotpot
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The hotpot is split by different soup bases, and you can choose various configurations for your meal, with the extra-spicy Butter Mala for the spice lovers, and tomato or mushroom soup bases for those who want a milder flavour to their hotpot. 

da long yi hotpot
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One of their most unique dishes is their mala crab hotpot, where you can dig into juicy, spicy crab infused in a spicy mala soup base, which is definitely one to try if you enjoy eating chilli crab dishes! You can also get side dishes including fried mantou served with condensed milk, chicken feet, and seasonal vegetables. The restaurant’s dipping sauces are fully customizable, and you can try various combinations depending on your preferences, or ask the staff for recommendations.

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During festive Chinese celebrations, the restaurant also has a free-flow hotpot buffet on all mains during Chinese New Year, and unique dishes to celebrate various Chinese festivals. There are also seasonal dishes such as heart-shaped meatballs and beef roses for special occasions like Valentines’ Day, and more.

You can also show the restaurant staff posts from their TikTok account to get 12% off your meal! So, head down to Da Long Yi Hotpot and challenge your spice tolerance with mala soup bases that will electrify your tastebuds. 

Da Long Yi Hotpot
Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok
📍 181 Orchard Rd, #08-08 Central Level 8, Orchard, Singapore 238896
🕒 12pm – 11pm (Mon to Sun)

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