Retronutz at Sim Lim Square has GBA consoles, retro games and more perfect for 90s’ kids and new gamers

by Trinity Sun

Sim Lim Square is a tech lover’s haven, with plenty of shops selling everything electronics related. It’s also the only shopping complex entirely dedicated to all things technology and is home to Retronutz, a store selling retro games and game consoles.


When you step into the store, you’ll be greeted by a wide array of GameBoy consoles, limited edition PlayStations, and even Sega Saturns. The store also has a large collection of Nintendo, SEGA, and other big titles classic game lovers will recognise.


And to complete the retro vibe, you can also get analogue TVs to play your games on, which come in different sizes depending on how much space you have at home. 

Photo: Retronutz/facebook

The Pikachu GameBoy is especially adorable, with an adorable Pikachu on the console as well as the start screen. Pokémon fans will find plenty of Pokémon games and merchandise, with various designs and titles to choose from.

Photo: Retronutz/facebook

Castlevania fans can also find 00s’ titles from the series such as Circle of the Moon, where you play as a vampire hunter in pursuit of Count Dracula… Harmony of Dissonance, where you play as Belmont descendant Juste to acquire Dracula’s relics to find his missing childhood friend… And Aria of Sorrow, the first Castlevania game to be set in modern times following an exchange student who finds himself in Dracula’s castle at the centre of a prophecy.

Photo: Retronutz/facebook

For classics lovers, you can also find titles like Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros. 3, and more. There’s something for 90s’ kids and new gamers alike, with the store’s diverse range of game titles. 

Photo: Retronutz/facebook

Apart from retailing games and consoles, the store also offers customers the chance to customise your own consoles. Whether it’s a Pokemon-themed GameBoy Advance or a MacDonalds-themed console, you can get a personalised console to call your own. If you’ve got a broken console, the store also offers repair services. 

With shelves of games to explore and plenty of game consoles to look at, Retronutz is definitely a must-visit for video game lovers. 

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📍 Retronutz, #04-02G, Rochor Canal Rd, Sim Lim Square, 188504
🕒 12.30pm – 7pm (Mon to Sun)

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