There’s now a free Yakult factory tour in Sembawang for people of all ages to learn about how the famous probiotic drink is made 

by Carol Ong

Whether you’re team Yakult or team Vitagen, here’s something cool that you wouldn’t want to miss — Yakult Singapore’s free factory tour where you can learn about the iconic probiotic drink’s beginnings, as well as how it’s made. 

Since 1987, the factory has been giving out free tours to people of all walks of life — children, elderly, schools, organisations, you name it. Now, after a short hiatus due to COVID, the free Yakult factory tours are finally back and we’re pretty excited about it.

Yakult Singapore free factory tour
Photo: Yakult Singapore

There’s just something about these probiotic drinks that are so nostalgic, and there are even different versions of these probiotic drinks that we’ve seen in Korean dramas as well as in Thailand. (We also have foreign friends who’ve moved back home after a stint in Asia, that have told us that one of the things they miss most about what we have here are our probiotic drinks that aren’t easily found where they are!)

Yakult Singapore free factory tour
Photo: Yakult Singapore

We’re pretty blessed to have grown up with this yummy drink and easily purchase them from any supermarket, and even the old-school Yakult aunties who go door-to-door selling Yakult —  more so too, that we have a Yakult factory right on our sunny isle!

Yakult Singapore free factory tour
Photo: Yakult Singapore

As you step into the factory, you will be treated to a complimentary bottle of the yummy cultured milk probiotic drink which we all know and love — then, you’ll embark on the exciting tour. 

During the tour, you’ll learn in depth about the nutritional value of the drink, watch documentaries about the history of it all as well as tour the factory where the drink is made (and observe the process of it all up front too!). 

PS: Tours are only available on the weekdays and there are limited slots, so be sure to check the website on how to go about booking one! 

Yakult Factory Tour
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 7 Senoko Avenue, Singapore 758300
🕒 10am–11.30am, 2pm–3.30pm (Non-school holiday), 9.30am–11am, 11.30am–1pm, 2pm–3.30pm (school holidays)

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