yanyan.tattoo has a gachapon machine where you can get mystery crayon flash tattoos chosen for you 


As a child (and even now as an adult), I’ve always loved the adrenaline rush of finding out what I’m getting in a gachapon capsule or blind box — and I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments. 

Now, thanks to @yanyan.tattoo, you can take that excitement to the next level with their get what you get tattoos. 

The concept is pretty self-explanatory — have a go at their gachapon machine filled with a variety of adorable and quirky flash tattoo designs and whatever you get is your new tattoo. 

yanyan tattoo gachapon tattoo
Photo: @yanyan.tattoo/TikTok

Whether you’ve been itching to get inked but can’t decide on a design or if you’re just feeling adventurous and looking to have a little bit of fun for your next tattoo, this is definitely something to check out. 

yanyan tattoo gachapon tattoo
Photo: @yanyan.tattoo/TikTok

The flash tattoo designs seem to be updated fairly regularly, and there are even seasonal designs like creepy-cute voodoo dolls and dinosaur jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. 

yanyan tattoo gachapon tattoo
Photo: @yanyan.tattoo/TikTok

Of course, if you’d like to play it safe and choose a design of your own, you can do that too. The tattoo artist focuses on crayon-style tattoos that are reminiscent of doodles. The designs are somewhat simple, but still really charming.

yanyan tattoo flower doodles
Photo: @yanyan.tattoo/instagram

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll also love that she’s able to immortalise your furbaby by turning it into an adorable doodle tattoo with any picture of your liking. 

yanyan tattoo pet drawings
Photo: @yanyan.tattoo/instagram

I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of my own pupper, and I think I have an inkling of where I’m going to get mine now. 

Now, what if you’re looking for something that’s more detailed? 

@yanyan.tattoo does her tattoos at @studio.zenya, where you can also find @tatts.by.min who specialises in black and grey tattoos. If you’re looking for something that’s less cartoony and more photorealistic, then you can opt to reach out to her as well. 

studio zenya tattoo
Photo: @tatts.by.min/instagram

For both the tattoo artists, you can reach out to them for inquiries and booking here

Excited to get your new ink? Fingers crossed that you get something that calls out to you from the gachapon machine on the first try! 

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