Jay Chou Carnival World Tour is returning to Singapore National Stadium on December 17 & 18


2022 might have just gotten even better with Jay Chou coming back to Singapore for a two-night concert as part of his Carnival World Tour on 17 and 18 December 2022. The concert will be held at National Stadium, where many prominent artistes such as BTS and Big Bang have performed. 

jay chou carnival world tour 2020 2022 singapore concert
Photo: G.H.Y Culture & Media

Celebrating Jay Chou’s 20 years of excellence in the music industry

Organised by G.H.Y Culture & Media, the Carnival World Tour will be a celebration for both fans and the Mandopop King as he hits his 20-year milestone in the music industry. 

The second time Jay Chou’s Carnival World Tour will be returning to Singapore

jay chou carnival world tour 2020 2022 singapore concert
Photo: @jaychou/instagram

In his Carnival World Tour concert back in January 2020 here in Singapore, Jay Chou also got his fans feeling wistful as he sang hit songs from his 2001 album Fantasy which was released almost two decades ago at the time. Being an avid fan of Jay Chou’s music and associating his songs with many of my best memories throughout the years, I can almost picture myself inside the stadium right now singing along to the songs that I have grown up with and loved over the years.

More to expect in Jay Chou’s 2022 Carnival World Tour in Singapore

If you’re going to the concert this time around, you can expect to witness a “visually energising representation” of the singer’s best hits, as teased by the organiser themselves. I would imagine that this means that the concert will be filled with vibrant visual effects coupled with Jay Chou’s high-spirited performance. 

And don’t worry, you don’t have to scramble for tickets just yet as the ticketing details will be released at a later date. Remember to keep an eye out for updates on the Carnival World Tour 2022 to grab your tickets ASAP. 

Jay Chou Carnival World Tour
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