Kun Hai Shop is a Chinese supermarket with ready-to-eat food like oden as well as a variety of viral Chinese snacks

by Trinity Sun

If you’re looking for somewhere unique to get your groceries at, Kun Hai Shop has you covered – with a ready-to-eat oden counter, a large variety of instant noodles, and even fresh produce.

The supermarket has two outlets, one located in People’s Park Complex and the other in Tampines 1, so you can conveniently shop at those locations! From frozen Haidilao Crayfish to Yunnan flower cakes, there’s something different in every aisle.

Photo: 吃货的日常/RED

Stop by the cooked food counter and snack on some oden, Chinese sausages, and more unique delicacies. The savoury flavours are sure to delight your taste buds with over 10 different types of oden such as Chiba tofu, vegetable cod steak, and other yummy options.

kun hai shop
Photo: Kun Hai Shop/facebook

You won’t find this many Haidilao frozen products in one store except this one, with every flavour of soup base you can think of, frozen crayfish, and even macadamia nuts. 

kun hai shop
Photo: Kun Hai Shop/facebook

Make your own hot pot at home and shop from the fresh produce section, with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables directly air-flown from China (with exclusive seasonal items) such as hairy crabs, Wendan pomelos, and more! Whether you’re hunting for hotpot ingredients or shopping for dessert, there’s always new ingredients you can use in your cooking.

kun hai shop
Photo: Kun Hai Shop/facebook

Instant noodle lovers, you’ll want to check out the many unique brands – think ingredient-packed snail rice noodles, spicy vermicelli noodles, A’KUAN red oil cold noodles among other selections, perfect for a rainy day snack. 


For those who want Chinese snacks, which have been trending all over TikTok and RED, there’s new versions of traditional snacks, like hawthorn candy, now a frozen treat in a variety of flavours like crab apple, red bean, and osmanthus, which perhaps, tastes like your childhood memories. Or treat yourself to some drinkable jelly, which comes in fruit-flavoured packets.

Photo: 悦悦/RED

The best part? Kun Hai is open till late, so if you want to stop by past 10pm, the store is open for your late-night shopping needs. With aisles of sweet and savoury goodness, new snacks to discover and a large supermarket, the next time you go grocery shopping, why not stop by Kun Hai Shop?

Kun Hai Shop
????Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #03-11, Singapore 529536
???? 9.30am – 11pm (Mon to Fri), 9.30am – 11.30pm (Sat to Sun)

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