Get up close with Shen the T-Rex fossil in Asia’s first ever T-Rex display at the Victoria Theatre And Concert Hall

by Trinity Sun

Imagine coming face-to-face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) , just like Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm did in Jurassic Park, only without the near-death experience. Life finds a way – and you can now meet Shen the T-Rex, the first-ever T-Rex fossil to be displayed in Singapore (and Asia) at the Victoria Theatre And Concert Hall from 28 to 30 October before it goes on auction in Hong Kong. 

Photo: @christiesinc/instagram

While dinosaurs have long gone extinct, our fascination with dinosaur fossils, and how these creatures lived 85 million years ago still remains. Standing at 4.6m and spanning 12.2m long, Shen, which means God in Chinese, is a majestic sight of an era-long gone. 

Shen lived in the Cretaceous period, and would have met other dinosaurs like the Velociraptor and Triceratops, and eaten some of them for food – before eventually failing to escape the meteor which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, leading to its fossil being excavated from a ranch in Montana two years ago. 

Photo: @christiesinc/instagram

Snap a picture or two with Shen the T-Rex, which is surely one for your social feeds, and marvel at its large size. Only two T-Rex fossils have ever been auctioned at Christies’, making Shen a rare sight, and worth approximately S$36 million. 

While the pre-registration slots are currently filled up, there’s no need to fret, as Christies’ has just announced an additional walk-in queue to see Shen the T-Rex at the Victoria Theatre And Concert Hall for those who didn’t manage to get a slot.

Photo: @christiesinc/instagram

Apart from the T-Rex fossil, Christies’ is holding a concurrent exhibition at the Arts House, where you can view Chinese Classical, Modern and Contemporary Ink Paintings, Jewellery and Jadeite from Hong Kong, Geneva, and New York, and more fascinating displays. 

Have your own ‘Jurassic Park’ moment with Shen the T-Rex, and don’t miss the fossil being displayed at the Victoria Theatre And Concert Hall from 28 to 30 October!

Shen the T. Rex Exhibition 
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???? Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, 9 Empress Place, Singapore 179556
???? 10am – 10pm (Fri to Sun)
???? 28-30 Oct 2022

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