Visit dinosaurs and over 2,000 natural specimens at this permanent exhibit

by Vivian Ng

“Do-you-think-he-saur-us?” It’s one thing to get this pun, but it’s another to get the reference. If you’re a fan of Jurassic Park, there is a permanent dinosaur exhibit that you have to check out in Singapore.

Dinosaur fossil


Nestled in National University of Singapore, this dinosaur exhibit features three life-sized Diplodocid sauropod dinosaur fossils. Out of the three, two of them come with skulls—a rare sighting considering the rarity of diplodocid sauropod fossils.


These dinosaur fossils belong to the family with some of the longest creatures to have ever lived. The longest among these fossils measure 27 metres long in length, with a height taller than two storeys.


Other exhibits

Apart from the dinosaur exhibit, you can also access the remaining 14 thematic zones, featuring over 2,000 natural history specimens. Walk through the enthralling exhibit featuring a myriad of plants and animals, many of which are jaw-dropping.

Singapore Sperm Whale


This is yet another massive specimen exhibit that is impossible to miss. If you’re wondering the story behind Singapore’s Sperm Whale, here it is. In 2015, a 10.6 metre colossal Sperm Whale was found dead and washed ashore. It was baffling at that time to researchers, as it was the first record of Sperm Whale ever found in Singapore.

The massive specimen currently sits on display in the mammal zone of the museum. So don’t forget to check it out and capture some photos of this remarkable creature.

Neptune’s Cup Sponge

Photo: National Parks Board

Yet another unique finding to Singaporeans—the Neptune’s Cup Sponge is one exhibit that you can look forward to. Neptune’s Cup Sponge was long thought to be extinct globally. However, it proved us wrong with its undefeatable attitude towards survival.

This aquatic species was first found in 1820. It went ‘extinct’ due to a prolonged period of global mass-harvesting for its scientific and commercial properties. Resurfacing after a century in 2011 at Singapore’s southern shores, it has surprised marine biologists and nature lovers worldwide. Even NParks Singapore has remarked this as “A Marine Marvel” as these creatures survived despite all odds. Neptune’s Cup Sponge’s revival has gotten global coverage. This was especially evident in Marine and Scientific publications.


Another notable highlight of the museum is their gallery, dated back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. This gallery was an extension of the former Raffles Library and Museum, also known as the National Museum of Singapore today.

Amidst all interesting biologically diverse ecosystem displays and fascinating stories, there are a few animals that made it to the highlights. For instance, the Leatherback Turtle that you’ll see in the gallery is Singapore’s first and only Leatherback Turtle found in 1883. Also, the Sunda Pangolin is a unique mammal with keratin scales covering its body. All these amazing discoveries are worth marvelling over, as they’re not typical displays you’d find in any other museum.


If these wondrous discoveries have piqued your interest, you can book your tickets through SISTIC’s website.

This is a general admission event, so members of the public can visit this iconic museum any time.

*Due to COVID restrictions, the gallery capacity is limited to 220 visitors.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
???? National University of Singapore, 2 Conservatory Drive
????️ 10am — 6pm (Tuesday — Sunday)

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