This hack lets you redeem S$380 discount vouchers for free the next time you travel to Thailand

by June Ngooi

We know the vacay season is coming up and those of you who have already booked their tickets to Thailand, or are planning to head there anytime soon, we’ve got good news for you!

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As a Singaporean, the culture of trying to snap up opportunities for vouchers and discounts has been ingrained in me. So when I came across this hot deal for vouchers in Thailand 2023, I decided I wanted to be on Santa’s nice list this Christmas and share it with y’all.

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From now until 31st December 2023, you’ll be able to redeem an exclusive Central Shopping Centre Tourist Welcome Package that has a total value of up to S$380 (THB10,000) for free

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To qualify for this special program, all you gotta do is register for a free KKday account and you will get a Premium Gift and Welcome Package valued up to S$113.82 (THB3,000). 

What does the welcome package entail, you ask? Hang on, let me prepare that list for you, ahem

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The package is inclusive of discount vouchers and privileges of up to 30% from participating stores in Central Shopping Center outlets, as well as a food court discount voucher worth up to S$1.89 (THB50); Central Department Store cash coupons; Central Food Hall and Tops Online; as well as a Tops Market discount voucher; and a Good goods mini pouch (subject to availability of course). 

Phew, that was a whole breath — or paragraph. 

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As a tourist of Thailand, you will also be able to claim VAT refunds of up to 7%! Shopping overseas and being able to claim taxes? That is truly the dream, on top of Thailand vouchers for 2023 of course.

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Simply head down to the various redemption counters at Central Shopping Centers malls to redeem the vouchers by showing them the QR code you got from your KKday account registration. For more information, do check out their official website linked below!

The participating malls are as follows:

  • centralwOrld
  • Central Village
  • Central Rama9
  • Central Phuket
  • Central Ayutthaya
  • Central Marina
  • Central Pattaya
  • Central Chiang Mai
  • Central Chiang Mai Airport
  • Central Chiang Rai
  • Central Si Racha
  • Central Chantabur
  • Central Udon
  • Central Samui
  • Central Hat Yai

See, isn’t the process simple? 

Now you have one more thing to bring along with you when you head to Thailand, so will you be getting it for yourself?

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