This alpaca cafe in Johor Bahru lets you pet adorable alpacas with mullet haircuts while you dine

by June Ngooi

By now, pet cafes in Johor Bahru are definitely trending such as the corgi cafe and adorable chow chow cafe. Whilst the dogs (and cats!) are absolutely adorable, have you ever seen an alpaca cafe?

Yes, you read that right!

Photo: @灰猫吐司探店中/RED

Johor Bahru’s newest cafe As Clouds Cafe comes with a unique furry twist, and that is their in-house alpaca residents. 

Because of how unique As Clouds Cafe is, everybody wants to hoove a good time and catch a glimpse of the cute alpacas, including me! Given its limited seating inside the cafe, you can expect to wait a little bit before getting your chance at grabbing a selfie with them.

as clouds cafe
Photo: @灰猫吐司探店中/RED

There are a total of two alpacas in the cafe, with each of them alternating “shifts” and given free reign within the cafe making friends with you as you dine. You can get a free carrot from the staff to feed the alpacas and pet them! 

(Anybody else finds it so cute that the alpacas have a mullet haircut?)

Photo: 灰猫吐司探店中/RED

I mean look at their floofy fur! Some might be concerned about the cafe having an “animal smell” since the alpacas can roam freely, but there really isn’t any at all. 

My favourite part? There is no minimum spending required in order to interact with the alpacas, only as long as you’re dining in and ordering something from the cafe menu. 

While we’re on it, let’s talk about the delicacies of the menu, because the food looks decently yummy. 

as clouds cafe
Photo: 灰猫吐司探店中/RED

The cafe offers Western-fusion cuisine with burgers, mains, salad, and sides. If you’re craving rice bowls and pasta, there are also options for that.

Photo: @跟着珊珊走走看看/RED

The Japanese Katsu Curry Salmon Omurice (SGD6.80, RM23.90) looks absolutely decadent, and they even have desserts like the Big Cat Pudding at only SGD4.20 (RM15)!

Do take note that the cafe does not accept reservations, so walk-ins are your only bet. 

as clouds cafe
Photo: @跟着珊珊走走看看/RED

As Clouds Cafe is relatively new at the time of writing, but with everyone gathering to pet the soft cloud-like fur of the alpacas, it is best to get a headstart on the queues. 

Will you be making a visit to this alpaca-mazing cafe in JB?

As Clouds Cafe 
📍 32 A, Jalan Nakhoda 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
🕒 11am–10pm (Daily)

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