Satisfy your soupy cravings with a delicious bowl of tom yum ban mian at this hidden handmade noodle shop in Chai Chee

by Marcus Leong

As a self-proclaimed ban mian enthusiast, I am always on the search for the best ban mian in Singapore. My search has landed me at 万香庭 Wan Xiang Ting (The Spice Pavillion). Located in Chai Chee at the former Viva Business Park, this ban mian shop is helmed by a seasoned ban mian chef and has gathered quite the cult following for their robust soup broth and QQ ban mian noodles. 

Wan Xiang Ting
Photo: @wan_xiang_ting/instagram

When it comes to evaluating whether a bowl of ban mian is good, I always start with the broth. Don’t look down on the clear soup broth that Wan Xiang Ting has as it really packs a ton of flavours. The chef boils chicken bones for several hours so that the natural essence of the chicken is released into the soup. The best part is the soup has no added MSG in it. 

Photo: @mrdidijiak/instagram

The noodles here are also handmade and cooked to the perfect QQ consistency – not too hard but not too soggy either. What’s great about the noodles is they retain their silky-smooth texture even when you order takeaway – something most ban mian shops have not been able to achieve, unfortunately. 

Wan Xiang Ting
Photo: @mrdidijiak/instagram

Another thing that sets Wan Xiang Ting apart is they use chicken meat instead of the regular pork. The bowl of noodles also comes with homemade chicken balls – that are made fresh daily. Not forgetting a healthy serving of green leafy vegetables – because health is wealth, after all.

Wan Xiang Ting
Photo: @wan_xiang_ting/instagram

My go-to order is always a nice spicy tom yum ban mian (S$6) or a dry ban mian (S$5.50). For the dry ban mian, the chef has mastered the right concoction of flavours between the sauces and each noodle is coated generously in the sauce.

For an added kick, you should definitely add some of the house chilli. The slightly sweet black sauce blends perfectly with the housemade shrimp chilli which makes the dish even more tasty. 

Wan Xiang Ting
Photo: Richard Ong/facebook

The crowd favourite tom yum ban mian adds a spicy and tangy depth to the already flavourful broth, without overpowering the original flavours of the soup. It also makes for the perfect meal during sweater weather – or whenever you’re craving something sour and spicy. If you can’t handle spice, the original soup base is just as delicious too! 

If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your soupy cravings, you should definitely make a trip down to Chai Chee and give Wan Xiang Ting a go! All I know is that the ban mian aficionado in me will definitely be heading over. 

万香庭 Wan Xiang Ting (The Spice Pavillion)
Facebook | Instagram 
????750 Chai Chee Road, ESR BizPark @ Chai Chee (former Viva Business Park) Singapore 469000
???? 10am–8pm (Daily)

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