New 100PLUS popsicle lets you cool off & hydrate after your 2.4km run

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The only thing better than being well-rested these days is being well-rested and hydrated. And as a reminder to us all to load up on H2O and electrolytes, the new Hydration Bar Popsicle (S$1.50) from 100PLUS arrives in Singapore so that we can stare Singapore’s relentless heat in the face and say, “not today”.

The bar comes frozen and fits snugly in the palm of your hand — perfect for taking bites out of after a jog or in-between exchanging office tea with Jenny from finance. It’s sold at S$1.50 per bar, and can be found at 7-Eleven outlets across the island. 

Just like the 100PLUS beverage, the hydration bar possessed the same saccharine flavour, but tended slightly towards the sweeter side. A colleague and I ended up splitting the bar between ourselves, which was just the tiny mid-afternoon boost we needed after our boss so fervently over-ordered during lunch. When you’re not sipping out of a cup of bubble tea or savouring that afternoon latte, perhaps the hydration bar is worth considering for an energising mid-day alternative. 

So the next time you’re looking for sweet respite from the unrelenting weather, know that the hydration bar’s always in your corner. 

Photo: @shermainexk/instagram

100PLUS can also be enjoyed in its various other flavours like the refreshing 100PLUS Lemon Lime (S$22.20 per carton of 12 bottles), 100PLUS Orange (S$22.20 per carton of 12 bottles), 100PLUS Original (S$13.35 per carton of 24 cans), as well as the 100PLUS Zero (S$13.35 per carton of 24 cans) for the diet-watchers. 

For other pick-me-ups, check out this new Birds of Paradise gelato flavour as well as these KitKat specials at Gram Cafe & Pancakes at Vivocity. 

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