POKKA launches new Peppermint Mocha drink for those already thinking of Christmas

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I’m guilty of being that one basic person who makes it a point to have at least one Peppermint Mocha and one Toffee Nut Latte to mark the arrival of my favourite holiday of the year when really, it’s just a reason to write off the calories for the season.

The good news is that with POKKA’s all-new limited edition Peppermint Mocha bottled beverage, we no longer have to hold our breath to get our hands on the minty drink, but the bad news is that it’s only available for a limited time.

Photo: @7elevensg/instagram

A couple of days ago, 7-Eleven Singapore had already teased the introduction of this latest addition and only just unveiled the Peppermint Mocha yesterday evening.

Photo: Screengrab via @7Eleven.Singapore/facebook

Enthused followers of the convenience store also took to the comments section to throw their hats into the ring by making inferred guesses about the mystery drink, and most hit the nail right on the head — a testament to Singaporeans’ unparalleled adoration for anything and everything that’s edible.

Photo: @7elevensg/instagram

The beverage is made with real beans and low-fat milk, so you can be certain that what awaits is the real deal condensed into one succinct bottle, with half the guilt. The POKKA Peppermint Mocha is best served chilled or over ice, so now’s a good time as any to bust out the coffee glasses, snag a slice of cake or two, and savour the drink in your very own home cafe. 

Other delicious finds you can get at 7-Eleven also include their Thai-inspired convenience meals as well as this frozen 100PLUS hydration bar popsicle.  

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