We tried Swensen’s Fried Chicken Ice Cream & here’s what we think

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There’s a form of dissonance when something tastes completely opposite from how it looks, and Swensen’s nails it with their all-new Fried Chicken Ice Cream. This palate playground looks and feels exactly like the guilty pleasure we all know and love, but is a creamy, icy treat in reality.

The most common question I got was, “so it the ice cream actually chicken-flavoured?” and for the sanity of us all, the answer, thankfully, is no.

Photo: Swensen’s Singapore

The ‘chicken’ centre is vanilla ice cream and the details are nailed down to a tee with a chocolate ‘bone’ that’s not only edible, but also adds a tiny cocoa-y touch to the dessert. The ice cream is encased by an outer made of feuilletine and cornflakes that form the ‘crispy crust’ of the confection.

While this hurled me into brief moment of confusion at first, all doubts were cleared the very second I pulled the ‘chicken’ out of the box and took a deep crunch. For one, it miraculously survived the journey all the way over to me still intact—the hurdle I was initially the most worried about. Also, the fact that it’s a snack that can be eaten in its entirety makes it both convenient and worth your while.

If you’re worried about how the vanilla, chocolate, and cornflakes come together, to that I can only answer, beautifully. It’s a textural party on the palate and keeps the vanilla from falling flat, or from being too one-note. And besides, a little attention to detail has always scored a brownie point or two.

Savoury-toothed ol’ me isn’t usually one for plain novelty, let alone in a dessert, but I’d dare say that the Fried Chicken Ice Cream is well on my “order again” list. Aside from looking downright whack, the quality of the dessert actually does live up to the hype. It walks the fine line of interesting yet delicious — and that’s a phrase I haven’t been able to say in a while now.

Additional sauces and toppings for your ‘chicken’ such as butterscotch sauce, cold fudge, diced almonds, chocolate jimmies, and others are also available at S$1.07 each.

The “Fried Chicken” Ice Cream is sold in a pint (S$11.80 for two pieces) or a box (S$42.80 for eight pieces) and can be purchased from all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets from now onwards. Alternatively, get it delivered via foodpanda, GrabFood, or Deliveroo, and hope that it reaches you in one piece just as it did for me.

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