Zig is a one-stop app that lets you book rides, dining reservations and staycations with vouchers and discounts

by Natalie Lim

ComfortDelGro just launched a new app, Zig, and it features more than just ride-hailing services.

Sheena Lyengar, a professor and world expert on choice and decision-making once said: “Too many choices can overwhelm us and cause us not to choose at all”. And on a First World basis, this is a problem that many Singaporeans face in their daily lives.

Whether it’s deciding on what to eat or scouring activities for weekend plans, the abundance of cafés, restaurants and attractions in Singapore seem to be limitless and our minds, indecisive. This is where Zig comes to play.

An app that gives suggestions based on your personality and interests

Photo: Zig

Zig prides itself as a “one-stop” app for lifestyle and mobility. But unlike other lifestyle apps on the market, it does not start by interjecting a psychedelic of attractions.  

Upon launch, the app starts with the question “How adventurous are you?”. Your choice would then help its algorithm to suggest activities more suited to your thrill-appetite.

Next, it shows you a series of cuisine styles, prompting you to select your favourite foods, followed by activities. With Dr Lyengar’s research on how it’s easier to choose from options sorted into categories, we say that Zig got it right from the get-go.

Book a ride without having to key in details

Photo: Zig

The fun starts here. At its onset, you’ll notice that there are “bookmarks” and a cute splash of emojis clustered on the map. Further exploration would reveal these icons to be dining areas or places of attractions.

Hailing a ride to a new place is always exciting, but there’s the icky process of having to cross-check between browsers to check if you’ve gotten the address right — after all, nobody wants to be on a road that leads to nowhere.

With Zig, cross-checking becomes history. By clicking on these icons, you’ll be given the option to “Zig there”, and the app will pull up various transport options to reach your destination.

Besides offering ComfortDelgro’s taxi services¸ it also provides transport directions, price comparisons and estimated arrival times (ETA). Google Maps may very much become obsolete at this point.

 Dining options with vouchers and direct reservations

Photo: Zig

 Scroll to the “Eat + Drinks” tab and you’ll be greeted with a wide array of food choices. From All-Day Breakfast to BBQ, Cafes and even Dim Sum, the list of categories breaks it down for even the fussiest of eaters.

If any of these piques your interest, you can book a ride there directly or place click-to-collect orders. All you have to do is tap the “Order Takeaway” button, place your order, then collect it from the restaurant. There’s no need to wait in queue anymore.

As Zig was made in partnership with Chope, there are dining vouchers available for purchase and you can make a direct table reservation from the app.

There’s even a button to share your find — a subtle way to hint your partner for a date.

Staycation, theme park and shopping deals

Photo: Zig

Zig cannot be called a lifestyle app if all that it features are food. In the “Discover” tab, there are staycations, theme parks, shopping deals and more. This was made in collaboration with Klook, the official playbook of sights and activities in Singapore.

Photo: Zig

To top it off, Zig is offering S$5 off your first ride. Simply key in the promotion code “ZIGMYRIDE” for redemption. More exclusive perks and discounts can be found within the app, so maybe it’s time to Zig away.

Download the app here
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