12 halal buffets in Singapore ranging from mookata to nasi padang

by Natalie Lim

There’s no doubt that Singapore is filled with pretty cafes and hipster coffee grounds. But sometimes, “IG-worthy” just doesn’t cut it and you’d prefer stuffing yourself silly at a buffet. However, halal-certified buffets are hard to find, so we’ve compiled a list of halal buffets in Singapore to make things easier for you.

Do note that due to COVID-19 safety measures, the buffets are done through table service. 

Halal buffets in Singapore

Sedap Thai

halal buffet 1
Photo: instagram/@sedapthai

Most mookata places aren’t halal-certified as they use pork lard in their cooking process. But over at Sedap Thai, beef fat is used instead, so you can gather your Muslim friends for a mookata sesh.

There are ala carte items on the menu, but the Standard Platter (S$20 for 2 pax) is the most affordable and popular choice.

halal buffet 2
Photo: instagram/@sedapthai

The sharing platter comes with a vegetable basket with kang kong, cabbage, enoki mushrooms, vermicelli and egg. There are seafood, processed food and marinated meats such as garlic chicken and beef.

All-you-can-eat buffet: S$20/pax
Standard Platter: S$20 for 2 pax

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📍 166 Jalan Besar, #01-08, Berseh Food Centre, Singapore 208877
🗓️ 4.30pm–9.30pm (Mon–Sat), Closed Sun

Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill

halal buffet 3
Photo: instagram/@farahdianasteamboat

It’s easy to find buffets that offer seafood such as mussels and prawns, but what about pricier options such as crabs? At Farah Diana Steamboat & Grill, choose from a selection of marinated meats, seafood like flower crabs and scallops, and other ingredients like crabsticks, hotdogs and tofu. 

Also, you can opt for either a chicken or tom yum soup base, and each diner is allocated 150 minutes of dining time. The restaurant is situated at an open-air coffee shop, so you don’t have to worry about the lingering smell of meat being on you for too long.

Adult: S$25.90 nett
Child (five to 12 years old): S$14.90 nett

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📍 11 Kaki Bukit Rd 4
🗓️ 3pm–10.30pm (Tues, Thurs), 3pm–11pm (Wed), 12pm–11pm (Fri–Sun), Closed Mon

Al Jasra

halal buffet 4
Photo: instagram/@underacherrytree

There’s just something wonderful about pratas. The perfect prata holds a crisp exterior, while its insides are fluffy and full of fillings. If you have a huge love for this South Indian speciality, Al Jasra offers a 24/7 prata buffet at only S$7.90/pax.

The buffet offers 16 varieties of pratas on its menu, with flavours such as egg, onion, cheese and even strawberry or chocolate. Whether it’s to settle breakfast, late-night or dessert cravings, Al Jasra is a one-stop for all your needs. 

Buffet: S$7.90/pax

📍 459 Changi Road, Singapore 419882
🗓️ 24/7

Buffet Town

halal buffet 5
Photo: instagram/@buffettownsg

There are two types of people who eat buffets. The ones who take the opportunity to sample a little bit of every cuisine, and those who simply want to get their money’s worth. If you belong to the latter group, Buffet Town’s seafood galore offers a wide selection that’ll certainly be worth the price you’re paying for.

Besides seafood, there are other savoury options such as homemade laksa, chicken rice and pizza. Japanese dishes such as sushi, grilled salmon fish head and salmon sashimi are also available.

halal buffet 6
Photo: instagram/@buffettownsg

Though the dessert counter is closed, you can still enjoy a tantalising spread of sweets via table service. Local favourites such as Cendol and Kueh Lapis can be found on the menu, alongside other items such as cakes, ice cream and fruits.

Lunch (11.30am–3pm)
Mon–Fri: S$26.80++ (Adult), S$18.80++ (Child)
Sat, Sun, Eve PH & PH: S$35.80++ (Adult), S$19.80++ (Child)

Dinner (6pm–10pm)
Mon–Thurs: S$38.80++ (Adult), S$21.80++ (Child)
Fri–Sun, Eve PH & PH: S$48.80++ (Adult), S$22.80++ (Child)

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📍 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
🗓️ 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10pm (Daily)

Captain Kim

halal buffet 7
Photo: Captain Kim

Located just 5 minutes away from Tampines MRT, Captain Kim is one of the most affordable halal buffet places found in the east. Priced at just S$16.90++ for their buffet lunch, it has more than 60 varieties of ingredients and free-flow drinks are also included.

halal buffet 8
Photo: instagram/@alexisjiak

To top things off, every buffet package also comes with an army stew. If the grilled meat is too oily for your stomach, you can wash it down with the spicy sausage stew instead. 

Minimum two paying pax to dine, children (90-140cm) in height/below 90cm: Free

Mon–Fri: S$16.90++ (Adults), S$13.90++ (Students/Seniors), S$9.90++ (Child)
Sat–Sun, PH: S$26.90++ (Adults) S$23.90++ (Students/Seniors), S$16.90++ (Child)

Mon–Thurs: S$26.90++ (Adults),S$24.90++ (Students/Seniors), S$16.90++ (Child)
Fri–Sun, Eve of PH, PH: S$27.90++ (Adults), S$25.90++ (Students/Seniors), S$16.90++ (Child)

Facebook | Instagram
📍 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-06 NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653
🗓️ 11.30am–3.30pm, 5.30pm–10.30pm (Mon–Fri), 11.30am–10.30pm (Sat, Sun)

Chice – The Original Chickata

halal buffet 9
Photo: instagram/@thedollo.o

Located at Jurong East, Chice – The Original Chickata is a halal Thai BBQ and hotpot buffet with Thai desserts. Though the restaurant’s halal certificate is still awaiting approval, the ingredients used are halal-certified. At an affordable S$19.90/pax, you can choose a soup base of either the signature Chickata Broth Soup or top up an additional S$5 for the Tom Yam Soup.

Meats such as smoked duck slices, turkey bacon and snow crabsticks can be found on the menu, along with the usual ingredients such as quail eggs, mushrooms and vegetables. At S$5, you can also coat your meat in flavourful dips such as the Salted Egg Dip or Cheese Dip for the ultimate indulgence. 

Buffet: S$25/pax

Facebook | Instagram
📍 2 Venture Drive, #01-47 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
🗓️ 5pm–10pm (Tues-Thurs), 5pm–11pm (Fri), 1pm–11pm (Sat), 1pm–10pm (Sun), Closed Mon

The RiceTable Indonesian Restaurant

halal buffet 10
Photo: instagram/@hamuchan1027

At The RiceTable Indonesian Restaurant, food is served “rijsttafel” or rice table style. This means that dishes are laid out on table warmers called “rechauds” to keep your food warm as you take your time to savour your meal.

Their all-you-can-eat lunch menu features 15 dishes, while dinner has a wider spread of 20. You can find authentic Indonesian dishes such as Beef Rendang, a tender and aromatic beef curry, and Tahu Telor, an omelette fried till golden brown with soft tofu cubes.

All-you-can-eat lunch (12pm–2.45pm)
Mon–Sun: S$21.80 nett

All-you-can-eat dinner (6pm–10pm)
Mon–Sat: S$32.80 nett
Sun: Closed

📍 360 Orchard Road, #02-09 International Building, Singapore 238869
🗓️ 12pm–3pm, 6pm–9.30pm (Closed Sun)


Photo: instagram/@parkroyalcollectionmarinabay

Peppermint’s buffet may be pricey, but the quality of its farm-to-table fare definitely delivers. Located at the newly revamped PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, the restaurant has taken over the old AquaMarine spot with a new concept and whimsical decor.

Photo: instagram/@parkroyalcollectionmarinabay

Despite the modern-looking decor, the halal buffet served at Peppermint stays true to its traditional roots. Its all-you-can-eat menu features authentic Peranakan cuisines such as Ayam Buah Keluak, Ayam Goreng Rendang, Udang Assam Nanas and more.

For dessert, an assortment of local and western treats can be found. Besides Kueh Salat and Durian Pengat, other confectionaries such as cakes and waffles are available.

Lunch (12pm–2.30pm): S$65 (Adults), S$32.50 (Child)
Dinner (6.30pm–11pm): S$88 (Adults), S$44 (Child)

From now till 11 April 2021, UOB, DBS/POSB, Maybank, Bank of China (BOC) card members enjoy the following offers:

Mondays and Tuesdays
1-for-1 a la carte buffet
Wednesdays and Thursdays
1 dines free with 2 other paying adults
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
1 dines free with 3 other paying adults

Aroma Kampung

Photo: instagram/@hady_jay

I am no Nasi Padang expert, but it’s general knowledge that a good Nasi Padang meal is accompanied with equally flavoursome sambal. At Aroma Kampung, 13 different types of sambal are served alongside the dishes, so you can take your pick on what suits your palate the most. Some interesting flavours to mention are kosong, kecap, petai, ikan bilis and tempoyak.

Photo: instagram/@akif.iffat

There are gravy-laden dishes such as Beef Rendang and Assam Pedas, but if you prefer a crunch in your bite, there’s also a deep-fried station with sinful selections like Bergedil and Deep-Fried Chicken Skin. With more than 40 dishes to choose from, this experience will be a party in your mouth.

Mon–Thurs: S$25.90 (Adults), S$15.90 (Child)
Fri–Sun: S$27.90 (Adults), S$17.90 (Child)

Facebook | Instagram
📍 2 Joo Chiat Complex, #03-1111, Singapore 420002
🗓️ 9am–7pm (Daily)

Jinshangyipin Buffet Hotpot

Photo: instagram/@iekiras

A hotpot meal is undoubtedly one of the best ways to bring a group of friends together, but there’s always one problem that causes a split — choosing the soup base. Some of us like our soup plain, while others prefer them zesty, rich, or even ferociously spicy. With a large group of friends, sometimes, even the quadrant soup choice isn’t enough. 

At Jingshangyipin, you’ll never face this dilemma. Each diner will be given an individual hotpot, so you can select your preferred soup base. Your choices include Spicy Soup, Pickled Vegetable Soup, Herbal Soup, Mushroom Soup and Tomato Soup.

The buffet meal costs S$24.90, with an additional S$4.90 if you opt for barbeque as well. Meat options include marinated beef, mutton, chicken and various seafood. There’s also a sauce bar for you to customise your dip.

Adults: S$24.90
Child (seven to 12 years old): S$11.90
BBQ add-on: S$4.90

Facebook | Instagram
📍 EASTPOINT MALL 3, #01-20 Simei Street 6, Singapore 528833
🗓️ 11.30am–4pm, 5pm–10pm (Daily)

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Photo: instagram/@weijjian

Furama Riverfront may be a staycation haven, but hidden in this enclave is a halal buffet that not many know of. Over at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, you’ll get to indulge in a delectable spread of Indonesian dishes that are sure to excite your taste buds.

At the restaurant, you can expect dishes such as Braised Oxtail Soup, Sambal Prawns With Petai, Beef/Mutton Rendang and Satay. With over 20 dishes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lunch (12pm–2.30pm): S$30.80++
Dinner (6pm–10.30pm): S$33.80++

Facebook | Instagram
📍 405 Havelock Road, Level 3, Singapore 169633
🗓️ 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm (Daily)

Photo: instagram/@royalplazaonscotts

Priced at S$75++ for adults, Carousel dons the crown for being the most expensive halal buffet on our list. However, its menu features an extensive spread of dishes from the seafood, Mediterranean, Teppanyaki, Asian and dessert counters. 

Photo: instagram/@royalplazaonscotts

For a truly luxurious experience, head down during the weekend where Snow Queen Crab, Ikura and Lobster Inari will be served. With sweet, succulent and flaky meat from these sumptuous shellfish, it’ll be worth every dime.

Lunch (12pm–2pm): S$68.27 nett (Adults), S$43.37 nett (Child)
Dinner (6.30pm–9.30pm): S$91.81 nett (Adults), S$54.14 nett (Child)

Lunch (12pm–2pm): S$80.04 nett (Adult), S$45.90 nett (Child)
Dinner (6.30pm–9.30pm): S$103.58 nett (Adult), S$57.67 nett (Child)

Facebook | Instagram
📍 25 Scotts Road, Royal Plaza, Singapore 228220
🗓️ 12pm–2pm, 6.30pm–9.30pm (Daily) 

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