Crocs + Heelys have been created and they’re called Creelys

by Natalie Lim

You read the title right. Someone combined Crocs and Heelys and now, these Creelys are blowing up the internet. 

Photo: Heelys

It’s safe to say that owning a pair of Heelys was every 90’s kid’s dream. The amount of envy that swelled from our hearts from watching someone else zip by in their very cool Heelys was enough to make our recess sandwich turn sour. 

Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed enough to have one. Parents from all over the world expressed safety concerns about the shoe, with the fear that we’ll break our ankles if we fall. 

Photo: Crocs

And in 2002, Crocs emerged. I remember crying in frustration as the Crocs shop assistant helped me on wearing my brand new Crocs. With its water resistance and anti-slip design, parents went crazy over its launch, and I was one of the kids who fell victim to this ridiculously designed catastrophe of a shoe. 

“Pa, ma, it looks ugly and my friends will think that I’m uncool”. Words that fell on deaf ears as my parents proceeded to pacify me with Croc’s Disney shoe charms. Late that night, I prayed to the shoe gods that Crocs would fall out of trend, and they did—for almost two decades. 

Photo: The Source

But apparently, some of us (me) were not meant to be fashion forecasters as Crocs came back in style. The company was on the brink of bankruptcy, but its collaboration with Post Malone brought the brand back to life.

With Post Malone rockin’ these foam shoes and singing about “thousand dollar Crocs” in his 2018 album, sales for the Crocs Classic Clog on Amazon went up by 12 million percent, and these rubber clogs are now everywhere.

The thing is, the demand for Creelys had always been lurking on the internet. 

Photo: twitter/@ashleybouck1

People wanted comfort, style, and speed. And this propelled Victoria McBroom from Littleton, Colorado, to come up with Creelys for her design class in 2019.

Photo: Behance/ Victoria McBroom

The project stayed hidden as part of her online portfolio until the demand for Crocs went up again, and of course, the words “Crocs and Heelys” had to go on Google’s search bar.

Victoria’s little project was then discovered and needless to say, the internet was shaken. Creelys isn’t just a far off dream anymore, Creelys are real.

Photo: twitter/@elosomieloso95

Though Victoria McBroom has moved on from her Creelys student project to become a manager associate, the discovery of her creation has since inspired people to create their own pair of Creelys. 


Besides cutting up their crocs and purchasing Heelys wheels to DIY, a 2019 petition to turn Crocs’ children’s Lighting McQueen series into Heelys had also gained popularity. 

Photo: twitter/@shopboujee2

Sadly, we’re unsure if Crocs and Heelys will be collaborating anytime soon. However, Twitter user @shopboujee2‘s DIY Crocs x Heelys project did get noticed by Crocs, and according to him, Crocs has contacted him for a collaboration.

Photo: twitter/@shopboujee2

For now, Creelys can only be purchased via Direct Message from Twitter user @shopboujee.

Hey ma, what do you have to say about my Creelys now?

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