Here’s an ultimate guide to where you can find some of your favourite Thai stalls, supermarkets & even siam dius for when they move out of Golden Mile Complex

by Marcus Leong

By now, you would have probably already heard or read the news that the shops in Golden Mile Complex are moving out to new locations. As the May 2023 deadline inches closer, many stalls in “Little Thailand” have already put up notices on their storefronts to inform customers where they’ll be relocating to. Sad to see your favourite shops go? Fret not, as you can continue patronising them at their new locations. 

To get your fix of Thai groceries, here’s where you’ll be able to get those authentic Thai flavours once Golden Mile Complex closes. 

Thai Supermarket 

Golden Mile Complex
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The famous Thai Supermarket in Golden Mile announced that they would be moving out in April. Eagle-eyed shoppers pieced together all the easter eggs found at Aperia Mall and have concluded that Thai Supermarket is set to take over a row of cordoned off shops at level 1 of the mall. 

I Love Thai Snacks 

Golden Mile Complex
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If you love Thai snacks as much as I Love Thai Snacks (pun intended), then you’ll be glad to know that the popular snacks shop in Golden Mile has moved to City Gate. They have also changed their name to I Love Thai Mart so don’t get too shook when you see the name. 

Heng Dee Thai Minimart 

The not-so-mini Heng Dee Thai minimart is iconic for selling pretty anything and everything. The mart is moving to Boon Lay Shopping Centre, and yes, they’ll still sell everything you could possibly need. 

May & Den Provision

May & Den Provision have moved out of Little Thailand to set up shop at Golden Mile Tower. Apart from a new shop space, the store also goes by a new name now – Sukhothai Thani.

Many restaurants that make up “Little Thailand” have also announced where they’ll be setting up shop. 

Nana Original Thai Food 

Golden Mile Complex
Photo: Nana Original Thai Food Nakhon Udon/facebook

Joining Thai Supermarket in Aperia Mall is popular Thai food restaurant Nana Original Thai food. The restaurant will still remain open 24-hours at Aperia Mall so you can satisfy your late-night tom yum kung cravings. 

Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama (Im-em Thai) 

Sporting a new shop space and a new name is Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama. Now named Im Em Thai, the restaurant is also slated to open in Aperia Mall, just opposite Cold Storage. 

Golden Banana

Photo: @hungryghost2014/instagram

Everyone’s favourite Thai street snack kiosk is moving to City Gate, just opposite Golden Mile. You can get your favourite sweet potato balls and banana fritters made fresh at City Gate from 1 Apr 2023. 

BeerThai house 

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Crowd-favourite BeerThai House has made it big and opened in not one but  two locations. Their first outlet will be joining New Banana at City Gate and the second outlet is at Kitchener Road. Both restaurants are up and running and feature the same authentic Thai dishes as its OG outlet in Golden Mile. 

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk Thai has already begun operations at its new space in City Gate. You can start heading over now to get your fix of authentic Thai fare at affordable prices. 

New Udon Mookata & Chiang Mai Thai Seafood

Fans of New Udon Mookata would already know that they will be moving to 119 Lavender Street. Joining them at the new location is Chiang Mai Thai Seafood

Siriwan Thai Food 

Golden Mile Complex
Photo: Siriwan Thai Food/facebook

Siriwan Thai Food published a moving notice on their website which states that their new outlet at Golden Mile Tower is opening soon. This is not to be confused with their current location in Golden Mile Complex. Yes, there is a difference between Golden Mile Tower and Golden Mile Complex. 

Pha Muk

Joining Siriwan Thai Food at Golden Mile Tower is Pha Muk. The Northern-Thai specialty restaurant’s new space in Golden Mile Tower is more spacious and airy too. 

Nang Sabai P&J 

You might have seen Nang Sabai P&J’s new store in Golden Mile Tower but probably didn’t recognise it because of its new name – new location, new me I guess. Nang Sabai P&J now goes by Somtam Saklai SG, but still with the same menu we know and love.

Nong Khai Beer House 

Photo: Nong Khai Beer House

Nong Khai Beer House will be moving to Peninsula Plaza in March this year. If you’re ever around the area, check out this cosy corner for some authentic Thai dishes. 

Other restaurants like Flying Pig, Y Cube Mookata, Baan Khom Thai and Cheese Story Mookata have yet to announce where their locations will be. Make sure to check out their social media for the latest updates. 

Golden Mile Complex
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For all you siao-on siam diu-ers, we didn’t forget about you. Popular Thai discos Thai Disco 1, Diva Disco, and Enclave Bar have also yet to announce their relocation plans so you’ll have to check out their social media pages to be updated on their whereabouts. 

Which one of these shops will you be visiting at its original location one last time before Golden Mile Complex closes for good? 

PS: If you’re looking to get a taste of Thailand, be sure to head down to Chatuchuk Singapore Night Market 2023!

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