Baan Kanom Thai sells Salted Egg Lava Mochi, Thai Pandan Pancake, and other authentic Thai snacks

by Jesslyn Lye

Our love for travelling to Thailand and eating Thai food is something that can’t be denied — and thankfully, there’s plenty of great Thai options right here in Singapore. With the recently opened Baan Kanom Thai takeaway kiosk at Golden Mile Complex, we can now try the unique Thai lava mochi!

Baan Kanom Thai
Photos: Baan Kanom Thai – SG/facebook

The Lava Mochi ($10 for 6pc) is available in seven popular flavours: oreo, hokkaido milk, sweet potato, chocolate, matcha, and two different types of salted egg — regular, and egg yolk. 

The Salted Egg Lava Mochi, in particular, is a must-try. Joining the host of salted egg dishes that we love, the lava mochi is bursting with a flowy and flavourful filling that is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. 

Photos: @breadinosaur/instagram

The Thai mochi differs slightly from your usual Japanese mochi, as they are coated in oil to prevent them from getting sticky — but they’re certainly just as delicious. 

While you’re there, also look out for the Thai Pandan Pancakes ($4 for 10pc, $7.50 for 20pc) — they look like a green version of kueh bahulu, and are the shop’s specialty. The fragrant pancakes have lightly crispy edges, and are soft and chewy when you bite into them.

Baan Kanom Thai
Photos: @flyeetelfly/instagram, Baan Kanom Thai – SG/facebook

The shop also sells Thai Coconut Pancakes ($0.80), Thai Pandan Pudding ($3), and Thai Coconut Pudding ($5), because you can never have too many Thai snacks.

If you find that the name Baan Kanom Thai sounds familiar, it’s because the shop started as a popular home-based business selling Thai cuisine before it opened as a physical location focusing on Thai desserts. Owned by a Singaporean and Thai couple, the shop promises 100% authentic Thai snacks.


You can find Baan Kanom Thai inside the Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile Complex — though you’ll want to check their social media pages to see what’s in stock before you head down, because their snacks sell out fast. And with how good and affordable their food is, we can’t say we’re surprised about that.

Baan Kanom Thai

Facebook | Instagram 
📍 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, Thai Supermarket, #02- 64, Singapore 199588
🕒 12.00pm – 8.30pm (Tue to Sun) 

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