McDonald’s Singapore now has limited-time Pokemon Happy Meal toys that were only available in Japan 


Most of us probably remember the thrill of picking a toy with our McDonald’s Happy Meal (did you know that they started all the way back in 1979?) — and the anticipation of waiting for our favourite toy of the set to come into rotation. (Yes, yes I’m revealing my age but does anybody remember the Betty Spaghetty and Land Before Time dinosaurs from back in the early 2000s?

mcdonald's singapore pokemon happy meal
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Now, you can relive that excitement as McDonald’s Singapore is bringing in a limited-time only Pokemon Happy Meal collection from today, 25 August onwards until 21 September 2022

While most of us have probably passed the age of playing with toys and eating Happy Meals (but then again, age is just a number and look at the crazy POP MART craze now), the Pokemon toys are still expected to be pretty popular thanks to the neverending Pokemon craze (trading cards, Pokemon GO, the video games, you name it). 

In fact, it was exclusively available in Japan prior to this, and it was really popular, so you might want to head down to McDonald’s if you’d really like to get your hands on this!

mcdonald's singapore pokemon happy meal
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The whole set of the Pokemon Happy Meal toys consist of eight toys featuring Pikachu, Eevee, and Piplup a cup, a utensil set, a camping wagon, binoculars, a compass, a spinning flyer and magnifying lens. There seems to be an outdoorsy camping theme to this Pokemon collection and it couldn’t get any more adorable — imagine going on a camping trip with your favourite Pokemon just like back in the good ol’ Game Boy days.

mcdonald's singapore pokemon happy meal

The toys will be released weekly, with this week’s rotation being the Pokemon cup and the utensil set. The availability of the toys is based on a first come first serve basis and is only available while stocks last, so your safest bet is probably to hurry if you want to complete the whole set! 

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