This hidden gem at Jalan Besar has the craziest collection of Pokemon cards, coins, mystery packs & more

by Carol Ong

If you have been a fan of Pokemon since you were a child, you probably remember the days of passing by a video game or playing cards store, hoping and pining for your parents to buy you the latest Pokemon cartridge or cards — which were all the rage back then. 

Now in 2022, Pokemon cards are making a fierce comeback, and the only difference now is that most of us probably have adult money (yay!) and can finally relive our childhood dreams of getting the rarest Pokemon card out there (Pikachu Illustrator card maybe?). 

Concept City Supermart Pokemon
Photo: Concept City Supermart

Hidden in Jalan Besar, Concept City Supermart is a dream come true for Pokemon lovers and collectors with their huge array of Pokemon card collections and other collectibles — including Japanese card sets like Lost Abyss (S$5.90/pack), Volt Tackle (S$6.50/pack) and more. 

Concept City Supermart Pokemon
Photo: @travisflipspkmn/instagram 

Other than the Pokemon cards, the store also sells binders in a variety of colours for you to keep your cards safe — and they even include UV protection so that your cards don’t get sun-damaged and fade over time. Talk about being thoughtful! 

Concept City Supermart Pokemon
Photo: @travisflipspkmn/instagram 

If you’ve played the Pokemon card game, you’ll know that it requires a fair bit of space — so for those who are looking for a conducive environment to carry out their Pokemon battles with their friends, Concept City Supermart has a space delegated just for that (you can even do your TikTok or Facebook lives here!). 

Concept City Supermart Pokemon
Photo: @travisflipspkmn/instagram 

For those that are up for a challenge, the store also has weekly tournaments that you can take part in. 

Ash Ketchum, who? You could very well be the next Pokemon master at Concept City Supermart! 

Concept City Supermart
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 139 Jln Besar, Singapore 208857
🕒 10am – 11pm (Mon to Sun)

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