The popular McDonald’s Pokemon Trading Card Game Happy Meal is finally coming to Singapore & there are rare holographic cards & more to be collected


Pokemon has been popular ever since its release in 1996 with people of all ages — and recently, fans all over have been getting it good thanks to the influx of Pokemon collaborations (especially in Singapore!) with big brands like McDonald’s. Other than that, Pokemon trading cards have also been getting a lot of attention on social media platforms like TikTok. 

After just releasing their camping-themed Pokemon Happy Meal last week, McDonald’s Singapore has announced that they will be releasing another Pokemon collaboration — this time including packs of the popular Pokemon Trading Cards

pokemon trading card game mcdonald's singapore
Photo: Pokemon TCG

As seen on posters at some of the McDonald’s outlets on our island, the Happy Meal will probably come in an adorable Pikachu-themed box, alongside other menu items like drinks and pies decked out in super IG-worthy Pokemon prints.

pokemon trading card game mcdonald's singapore
Photo: McDonald’s

The same collaboration had previously been released in the states, and it was so popular that Happy Meals were quite literally flying off the shelves.

pokemon trading card game mcdonald's singapore
Photo: Pokemon TCG

 In fact, the Pokemon trading cards were so well-received (with adults and children alike!) that there were even some cards from the meal going for hundreds of dollars on e-commerce sites like eBay — this is because the Pokemon trading cards that come with the meal include rare, holographic cards

Other than the trading cards, the new Pokemon Happy Meal collaboration will probably also come with a variety of other Pokemon-themed toys and merchandise — with the previous collaboration in the states seeing toys like spinners and coins

If you’re a Pokemon fan, keep an eye out for updates and don’t miss out on this chance to collect some really cool Pokemon Trading Cards (who knows, you might even get a rare one!) while getting in a good ol’ McDonald’s meal! 

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