You can find Malaysian-style bird’s nest roti canai with sambal and sunny side up eggs at this halal restaurant along North Bridge Road

by Christabel Tan

If you’re all about simple yet satisfying meals, it’s high time you hit up Mihrimah Restaurant, a casual, no-frills eatery in Bugis specialising in Malaysian-inspired cuisine, most notably, roti canai.

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Unlike the roti prata we all know and love, which has a denser and chewy texture, Malaysia’s roti canai is said to be a lot more crispy and flaky.

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Most tend to order the Roti Ikhwan (S$3.50), the eatery’s take on the viral roti canai sarang burung popularised by eateries like Dapo’ Khaleeda in Johor Bahru.

Also known as the “bird’s nest” roti canai, this indulgent creation is prepared using dough that is stretched, folded, and shaped into a ring, then griddled till golden, with two sunny side up eggs (runny yolks, preferably) cracked in the middle.

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It is served with sweet ikan bilis-based sambal and savoury fish curry — a very, very satisfying combination that might just leave you licking your plate.

Mihrimah Restaurant
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Alternatively, the plain Roti Canai Kosong is priced at just S$1 each if you’re seeking simpler fare, which we recommend washing down with a frothy Teh Tarik.

Mihrimah Restaurant
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Roti canai aside, you can also find good ol’ nasi padang and load up on ingredients like Sambal Goreng, Ikan Asam Pedas, Sambal Udang Petai, Rendang Daging, and so much more.

Mihrimah Restaurant
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Otherwise, fill up on hearty Mee Siam (S$4), Lontong (S$4), and Nasi Lemak (S$4), or drop by for tea over fried snacks like samosas and epok-epok, local kueh, and sugared donuts.

So, the next time your roti canai cravings arise and you’ve got no plans to travel across the causeway, Mihirimah Restaurant is but a short 7-minute walk away (from Bugis MRT station, at least)!

Mihrimah Restaurant
???? 742 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198710
???? 7.30am–9pm (Daily)

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