14 rooftop bars in Singapore for a fancy date night with scenic views

by Evan Mua
rooftop bars singapore

While Singapore is a small country without much nature and greenery, our skyline is one of the most picturesque in the world. There’s a reason we’re the basis for “Crazy Rich Asians”, after all. What better way to channel your inner crazy rich Asian than a night out at one of the gorgeous rooftop bars littered around Singapore’s CBD?

If you’re feeling like a baller for the end of the year or need to dazzle your date for a special occasion but have already been to KOMA once too many times, then we suggest you go out and paint the town red at one of these snazzy rooftop bars or restaurants in Singapore.

Smoke & Mirrors

singapore rooftop bars smoke and mirrors
Photo: Smoke & Mirrors

If you prefer to marvel at the grandeur of the MBS building afar instead of taking in the sweeping views the distinctive landmark offers, Smoke & Mirrors will be the best place to take in a picturesque scenery composed with the sprawling greens of the Padan field in the foreground with a graduating background slowly building up from the Esplanade to the Singapore Flyer, then the rest of our towering skyline.

Photo: Hendricks Gin SEA

Since the bar is located in the National Gallery, their drinks menu derives a lot of inspiration from the moving pieces of artistry littered throughout the gallery. You can find a slew of artistically-presented drinks, ranging from the bubble-adorned Over the Horizon (S$26) to the pyrotechnic-fuelled Smoke on the Water (S$28).

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πŸ“ 1 St. Andrew’s Road, #06-01 National Gallery, Singapore 178957
πŸ—“οΈ 3pm–10:30pm (Daily)


singapore rooftop bars ce la vi
Photo: @clotwork/Instagram

Possibly the best rooftop bar view in the world and not just Singapore, CE LA VI oversees the majestic vistas of the seas and the world-famous infinity pools. Looking down will leave your heart racing and feeling like you’re at the top of the world, quite literally, when you’re at one of the highest vantage points in Singapore.

Photo: @laurieliue/instagram

With a 3-in-1 concept that houses a restaurant, sky bar and lounge, you can find a creative plethora of Asian cuisine like E-Fu Noodles (S$26) cooked in white wine and elevated Bao sliders including Grilled Wagyu Beef Bao (S$26). On weekdays, you can also indulge in a 2 hour Happy Hour Free Flow (S$75) and get tipsy on pours of Prosecco and liquor like Monkey Shoulder.

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πŸ“ Level 57, Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 3, 1 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018971
πŸ—“οΈ 4pm–10:30pm (Mon to Fri), 12pm–10:30pm (Sat), 12pm–9pm (Sun)


singapore rooftop bars southbridge
Photo: Southbridge

There aren’t many things more romantic than deep shimmering waters, gorgeously reflecting back the light of the cityscape back up with an ethereal glow. So if you’re looking for an intimate rooftop bar that overlooks the iconic Singapore River, look no further than Southbridge.

singapore rooftop bars soutbridge
Photo: @frootlupe

Some would describe this iconic rooftop bar as an all-in-one experience where you can sip on some playful cocktails or cling your glasses to some bubbly champagne, all while slurping down their signature oysters. They even have an irresistible Happy Hour promo on their oysters at S$20 for 6 plump, sauced-up molluscs.

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πŸ“ 80 Boat Quay, Level 5, Rooftop 049868
πŸ—“οΈ 4pm–10:30pm (Wed to Sun), 5pm–10:30pm (Mon to Tue)


Photo: @food.lings/instagram

Not exactly a “rooftop bar” per se but Arbora provides one of Singapore’s most unique hilltop dining experiences high up on the peak of Mount Faber, enchanting you with distant views of the ocean. You can also catch occasional glimpses of fireworks blossoming in the night sky because of the vicinity to neighbours Sentosa.

Photo: Arbora

You can start off your date with a day trip to Sentosa and taking the cable car over to Mount Faber, then starting off the dinner with elegantly plated pasta including Mushroom Ragout with Smoked Duck (S$22) then end on a sweet note with their chef-recommended Flower Pot Surprise (S$18) dessert.

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πŸ“ 109 Mount Faber Rd, Faber Peak, Singapore 099203
πŸ—“οΈ 11am–10:30pm (Mon to Fri), 8:30am–10:30pm (Sat to Sun)

Mr Stork

singapore rooftop bars mr stork
Photo: @revelationtheory/instagram

Mr Stork is one of the few rooftop bars that will make you feel like you’ve been spirited away from Singapore to a tropical paradise, fitting their level 39 rooftop with teepee huts to go with the 360 degree view of the surrounding CBD area.

Photo: @seikyo/instagram

With their tropical theme, you can expect quirky tiki-bar kinda drinks such as the Aaliya (S$25) which is an all-rounded blitz of fruity notes from passionfruit to lemon. If you need some bites, then the goodie-packed Chef’s Platter (S$59) will fill your tummy with treats like the luxurious Boston Lobster Roll, Cold Cuts, and Cheese.

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πŸ“ 5 Fraser St, Level 39, Andaz 189354
πŸ—“οΈ 5pm–10:30pm (Daily)

LeVeL 33

rooftop bars singapor level 33
Photo: LeVeL 33 Singapore

While the list mainly comprises fancy cocktail bars and lounges, LeVeL 33 is a unique entry that focuses on beer as a beer microbrewery. So if you’re a fan of beer, there’s not a more snazzy place for you to grab your beers than at this rooftop beer bar that offers a spectacular view of Marina Bay Sands.

singapore rooftop bars level33
Photo: LeVeL 33 Singapore

Not only can you expect the freshest, best-quality booze coming straight out of their kegs in the back but you can also pair them with oysters at S$24 for 3 oysters and 1 glass of beer during happy hour. You can have the same combo for S$38.90 too if you want to swap out the hops for some champagne bubbles.

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πŸ“ 8 Marina Blvd, #33 – 01, Singapore 018981
πŸ—“οΈ 11:30am–10:30pm (Daily)

Loof Bar

singapore rooftop bars loof
Photo: Loof Bar

Perhaps the most IG-famous rooftop bar of Singapore in the past few decades, Loof is an unmistakable landmark with its quirky “ι£Žε’Œζ—₯δΈ½” neon sign invading the feeds of everyone after a good night’s out. The sad news is that Singapore’s trademark rooftop bar will be closing on 27 Feb 2022 so go revel in the “ι£Žε’Œζ—₯δΈ½” of the bar while you still can.

Photo: Loof Bar

As the name suggests, it’s a playful, Singapore-centric bar that pays homage to many of our local flavours and flavours in the region. And really, what else says Singapore like sipping on some Singapore Sling (S$24) or Singapore Bubble Tea (S$24) while chomping down messily on a bougie Ramly Burger (S$23)?

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πŸ“ 331 North Bridge Rd, #03-07, Singapore 188720
πŸ—“οΈ 4pm–10:30pm (Mon to Sat)


singapore rooftop barss pago
Photo: @forallthingsdelectable/instagram

There is probably no place with a better fusion of scenic views and quality fine cuisine than the famous Spago, perched up high at a nosebleeding height at level 57 of MBS. The stunning panoramic views of the city and the azure bodies of water from up high are hard to top.

Photo: Spago Singapore

More surprisingly, you can breathe in this luxurious view for just S$59 for a 3-course set lunch, perhaps one of the more affordable luxury dining experiences you can find in Singapore. Plus, they share the same chef as Michelin-starred CUT by Wolfgang Puck also in the same building — so you can expect finesse in the cuisine.

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πŸ“ 10 Bayfront Avenue L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel, Tower 2, 018956
πŸ—“οΈ 12pm–2pm (Daily), 6pm–10pm (Sun to Thu), 6pm–10:30pm (Fri to Sat)

Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

Photo: Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

If you enjoy being surrounded by sleek, towering buildings while having a clear view of the water, Artemis Grill view from the 40th floor of CapitalGreen Tower is sure to tickle your fancy, especially with the swanky decor and an ornately dressed-up alfresco area where you can feel the wind in your hair.

singapore rooftop bars artemis
Photo: Artemis Grill & Sky Bar

The menu is Mediterranean-inspired, bringing plenty of hearty and clean flavours to the table to pair with the view. You can get a 2-course lunch for S$47 if you need to impress a client on a business lunch, or you can let loose at night with your colleagues with Artemis Original Cocktails at S$19 each.

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πŸ“ 138 Market St, #40-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946
πŸ—“οΈ 11:30am–2:30pm (Tue to Fri), 5:30pm–10pm (Tue to Sat)


singapore rooftop bars monti
Photo: Monti Singapore

While Monti is situated at a lower vantage point than most other rooftop bars in Singapore, it is one of the few that gives you unhindered views of Marina Bay Sands and the skyline from the foot up, sitting right on the periphery of the Marina.

Photo: Monti Singapore

You won’t find a better view to pair with Italian food in Singapore. Get one of their Tapas like the Pizza Truffle (S$29) or Pasta such as the Potato Gnocchi (S$32) so you can slowly nibble away while enjoying your night, be it by catching fireworks or just bathing in the glorious nighttime glow of the skyline.

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πŸ“ 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
πŸ—“οΈ 11am–10:30pm (Mon to Fri), 9am–10:30pm (Sat to Sun)

Potato Head Singapore

rooftop bars singapore potato head
Photo: @dev.visuals/instagram

Most of us know Potato Head in Singapore for their burgers, but did you know they had a quaint rooftop bar too? Get embraced by the lines of fairy lights strewn across the quirky set-up rooftop, while revelling in the bustle of Keong Saik and the exotic flora planted around you.

Photo: @explorewithruch.sg/instagram

The types of drinks you can expect at this cosy rooftop bar are those bearing an Asian touch such as the Coconut Negroni (S$23) which puts a spin on the classic Italian drink with some intoxicating coconut fragrance. This is a chill spot that will help scratch those Bali itches if you can’t make it out of Singapore for the end of the year.

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πŸ“ 36 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089143
πŸ—“οΈ 11am–12am

Sky Lido

singapore rooftop bars sky lido
Photo: Sky Lido

A breezy new rooftop bar that just opened at the top of Concorde Shopping Centre recently, it’s all too easy to get lost in its sweeping views of Robertson Quay and River Valley while bathing in the soft glow of fairy lights in the alfresco area, lushly dressed with plants and wood.

Photo: Sky Lido

Helmed by the former head chef of Potato Head, you can find hearty options such as Mushroom Bone Marrow Cream Pasta (S$24), Bacon & Onion Jam Pizza (S$24) 180g of rich Slow-Roasted Beef Short Rib (S$38). And you can get lost in the view with some boozy supplements such as a refreshing Spritz (S$16) or one of their signature cocktails such as the spirited rum-loaded Tahitian Sunset (S$18).

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πŸ“ 317 Outram Rd, #05-01 Concorde Shopping Centre, Singapore 169075
πŸ—“οΈ 5pm–10:30pm (Daily)


Photo: Skai

Ok, this isn’t exactly a rooftop bar but Skai is one of the restaurants with the best views in Singapore, sitting at level 70 of Swissotel the Stamford. At this height, you can get the sharpest, crispest views of everything in Singapore, unobstructed.

rooftop bars singapore skai
Photo: Skai

It’s a waste not to indulge in the best when you’re here with such a stellar view, so you can get your credit cards out and treat yourself to your best tai-tai life with their Premium High Tea (S$78/pax) or get a 3-course Lunch Set for S$55. Hey those prices, for that view? Worth it.

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πŸ“ 2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882
πŸ—“οΈ 11:30am–2:30pm, 3pm–5pm, 6pm–10:30pm (Daily)


singapore rooftop bars fire
Photo: FIRE @ 1-ATICO

Found all the way up the top of ION Orchard, Fire is not really a rooftop bar but it’s still a nice place to catch up over some good food while going dizzy from the breathtaking views up at the pinnacle of Orchard.

Photo: FIRE @ 1-ATICO

More interestingly, Fire is one of the few places that serve up authentic Argentinian food in Singapore. With a rather affordable 3-course set lunch at S$58, you can get a taste of that hearty Argentinian spirit with dishes driven by Fresh produce from South America such as the Patagonia Shrimp “Cocktail” and Argentinian Devesa Beef Cheek Carbonada.

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Facebook | Instagram | Website
πŸ“ 2 Orchard Turn, #55-01 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
πŸ—“οΈ 12pm–11pm (Daily)

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