27 Singapore Telegram channels so you don’t have to Google everything

by Natalie Lim and Vera

We live in a society where we’re constantly glued to our phones. After all, we need to know what’s going on in the world — Instagram to poke our noses into our friends’ lives, Facebook to share memes, and Whatsapp to communicate with our family and friends. 

But unknown to many, there’s an app that holds it all together. And that’s Telegram. Created in 2013, the app has become a buzzing hub for communication, cute sticker packs, and even channels that contain bite-sized information for all sorts of users.

If you’re an avid user of the app, you’re in luck. Over here, we’ve curated 27 Singapore Telegram channels that will be useful to you, so you’ll be updated on the latest news, life hacks, and best deals — who is Google again?

Singapore Telegram channels to help you through your day

Largest Telegram group in Singapore for deals – @GoodLobang

GoodLobang is the Telegram channel with the most subscribers in Singapore — and for a good reason. The group caters to the one thing that all Singaporeans are constantly searching for, the best value for money. The channel curates a wide variety of Singaporean deals and promotions, ranging from food, travel, lifestyle, beauty, and even fashion. 

Subscriber-exclusive perks have also been spotted in the channel, with brands such as LiHO, Swensens, and llao llao working exclusively with them. Some of the deals simply require you to flash the Telegram post — talk about convenience and a bang for your buck.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Food reviews and recommendations – @SGFoodLobang

SG Food Lobang is the largest Singapore Telegram channel that covers all sorts of food recommendations, so whether you’re a cafe-hopper, hawker food lover, or sweet treat addict, you’re sure to find something that’ll float your boat.

Besides sharing food recommendations, the channel also covers the latest cafes in town, the best recommendations in the area, and culinary news. If you’re a foodie, SG Food Lobang is your perfect pocket guide to the best food places and promotions in Singapore.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Pocket guide for students – Student Perks (Private Channel)

As students, there’s always the struggle of budgeting your daily expenses, especially if you’re living on pocket allowance or relying on a part-time job for income. Student Perks is a private channel created for students, with many benefits such as student-exclusive discounts on food, drinks, activity suggestions, and more.

That way, there’s no need to scrimp and save just for a day out with your friends.

Do note that this is a private channel, so you can only join through an exclusive invite link which we’ve provided in this article.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Travel updates and hotel recommendations – @GoodToFly

We may not be able to travel now, but Good To Fly is a Singapore Telegram channel that provides curated updates on travel promotions and the latest staycation deals, so you’ll be able to make the best bang for your buck when borders open.

For now, the channel stays updated by sharing plenty of exciting local cruise deals, travel updates, and staycation packages to fulfil your wanderlust needs.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Date ideas and weekend plans – @Good2GoSG

Singapore may be our Little Red Dot, but there’s still plenty of places and activities we’ve yet to explore. Good-2-Go digs up hidden gems, cafes, and trendy hangouts to visit in Singapore, so you can spice up your dates, group outings, or even family day out with fresh new places.

Be it new cafes, pop-up events, or fun-filled activities, the channel has scoured it out for you.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Lifestyle news & recommendations – @ConfirmGood

So perhaps you think Singapore is boring. But we don’t. Get to know the best in Singapore one arresting post at a time where you can get authentic recommendations, guides, life hacks, and everything you need to know about what makes living exciting and fresh here in the +65.

Curated and crafted by our very own team, think of ConfirmGood as your one-stop lifestyle channel that shares:

  • Useful compilations (eg. ultimate list of supper spots, special places for date night, and more)
  • Recommendations of good things to do and try in Singapore
  • The latest news and happenings in Singapore

Hop on in, and we can have a fun discussion about all things quirky and new. That’s right, I’m that kinda admin.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Beauty, fashion, and wellness  – Vanity Suite

Vanity Suite is a one-stop Singapore Telegram channel for all your beauty needs. Since self-care is expensive, the Telegram channel shares the hottest deals for renowned fashion brands, lingerie, makeup, and skincare brands, so that you can pamper yourself at a wallet-friendly price.

Vanity Suite also shares important and much-valued beauty, fashion, and wellness tips — that way, you can bring your A-game all day, any day.

Join this Telegram channel here.

All things parenting, all things family – @ParentCode

A child comes as a blessing, but 24/7 around your kid may have that outlook dwindling fast. Ever since the pandemic, parents from all over the world have been struggling to keep themselves sane while caring for their kids. 

Parent Code is a Singapore Telegram channel that provides support to parents with useful tips on how to manage your kids at home and other beneficial content such as deals for parents and exciting family events. 

Join this Telegram channel here.

Health, fitness, and wellness – @FitnessLevelUp

This is a Singapore Telegram channel dedicated to all #fitspos. Besides sharing fitness and health-related information, gym membership promos and equipment discounts are also updated frequently. 

The only bad form you’re getting here is becoming a bad*ss after getting ripped, so don’t miss out on these useful updates.

Join this Telegram channel here.

News & discounts on games, consoles, and gadgets – @NextInTech

It doesn’t take a gamer to know that many elements make up a good desktop set. Whether it’s a super plush and comfortable ergonomic chair, a high-tech monitor screen, or a high-performance CPU, Next in Tech provides you with guides and promos on how to score the best setup. For the gamers, there are also game updates and console discounts available.

Whether it’s fighting it out on DOTA 2 or ending your back aches from long hours of sitting by the computer, this channel provides you with the ultimate support.

Join this Telegram channel here.

News on current affairs, local & global news – @NewsOutpost

It’s a collection of stories curated from credible news sources such as Straits Times, CNA, Gov.SG, Mothership and more.

Fetching you latest affairs, and news, from reliable sources, News Outpost is where you’ll get quick bite-sized news updates. Get what you need to know, who you need to know — whenever, wherever.

Join the Telegram channel here.

A community to sus out useful info and reviews  – @GoodLobangPolice

It’s great when you get deals and promotions, but it becomes even better when there’s a whole community to sus it out for you. An extension of GoodLobang, GoodLobang Police consists of an active community that discusses GoodLobang’s shared deals.

Besides providing their pictures of the redemption, some subscribers also post useful information such as reviews and clarification about the deals redemption process.

You can find out more about the rules and regulations of the group here

Join this Telegram channel here.

Avoid getting stuck on MRT breakdowns – @SGMrt

It’s tough luck to be stuck on an MRT breakdown when you’re on the way to work. But with SG MRT Updates, perhaps, you might be able to avoid commute disruptions.

SG MRT Updates allows you to receive first-hand notifications on closing times and the much dreaded MRT breakdowns, so you have some time to plan your trips. That way, there’s no need to frantically text your boss that you’ll be late.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Roadblocks, accidents, & traffic updates – @SGRoadUpdates

This is a Singapore Telegram channel that’s especially helpful for drivers and riders. SG Road Updates helps you to stay updated with the latest traffic news. Be it frustrating traffic jams or detours due to roadblocks, this channel has helped countless riders and drivers get to their destination ASAP.

Since you’re updated with the latest road news such as accidents and heavy traffic, you can reroute in advance and avoid congested areas.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Receive updates on Lee Hsien Loong’s life & speeches – @LeeHsienLoong

We kid you not when we tell you that there’s a whole channel dedicated to Lee Hsien Loong’s shenanigans. After all, he’s the “grandfather” of Singapore and is idolised by many. If you’re a die-hard LHL fan, Lee Hsien Loong News Updates will keep you up to date.

The Telegram channel is managed by the Office of our Prime Minister and you can expect news from the latest political updates, personal reflections, and what our dearest Prime Minister is up to in his personal life. This includes occasional selfies and heartfelt confessions to his fellow countryman.

Rock on, LHL.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Where the night is young – @NightlifeCollective

Picture this — the pandemic rages on, everything closes early, and you’re stuck looking for a place to hang with pals that won’t kick you out at 10pm. But we’ve got you, bestie.

At Nightlife Collective, there’s a dash of happy hours, a sprinkle of supper places, and a whole lot of fun things to do when the sun goes down. If you’re the type to pick up the pace after dusk, you’ll definitely want to be kept in the know.

Join this Telegram channel here.

A channel dedicated to dance-lovers – @SGDance

Some of us live through our passions and if dancing electrifies your soul, you’ll be glad to know that SG Dance is a Singapore Telegram channel that shares dance-related events. Dance performances and programmes are updated regularly on the channel, so those looking for choreography-inspo or a new direction will find this channel useful.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Buy fresh produce at highly-discounted prices – @UglyFoodfFeshProduce

As children, we were taught to avoid fruits and vegetables with blemishes as our parents deemed them as “unfresh”. What we do not know is that they’re still perfectly edible, and throwing them away results in food wastage.

To encourage food sustainability, Ugly Food Fresh Produce eliminates wastage by offering imperfect but still delicious food, as well as surplus fresh produce at highly discounted prices. Simply shop online and you’ll get them delivered to your doorstep.

Their bundles include fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Updates on dengue cases and SG’s cleanliness – @NEASingapore

The COVID-19 cases are a major cause for concern, but it’s important to remember that Dengue cases are still on the rise. NEA Singapore helps you to stay vigilant by keeping up with the latest dengue news from the National Environment Agency, so you’ll know which places to avoid.

You’ll also get updates on hawker centre cleanliness and tips for living a green, sustainable life.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Tips for first-time homebuyers – @SingaporeHDB 

If you’re planning to buy a new home, Singapore HDB is a channel that’ll provide you with tips on home financial planning, BTO exercises, interior design ideas, and the home purchase processes.

They also provide useful information such as guidelines on the types of grants offered, so first-time homebuyers will not feel lost in the process.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Female drivers & riders for hitch rides – @HitchSG

Singapore is a relatively safe country, but from time to time, we hear about sexual harassment news — even on private carpooling services. To prevent male drivers from harassing females, Hitch SG is a channel built to protect females by providing hitching services to female drivers and riders only.

Since this is a Telegram channel, it serves as a bridge between drivers and hitchers to offer a cheaper alternative without a middleman. Women can also report harassment cases to @sgblacklist, so that they’ll receive ample support.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Polls & quizzes from the curious Singaporean minds – @SGAskEveryone

You may have a genius idea, but sometimes, that also causes you to have tunnel vision —  a tendency to focus on a single goal or point of view. If you’ve hit a roadblock and need the public’s opinion for your theory, simply post a question on SG Ask Everyone to gather feedback.

The Telegram channel allows you to participate in and send polls and quizzes, so you’re able to do consumer research for your project or help another friend out.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Freebie and donation platform from all around SG – @SGFreebie 

Most of us would head to Salvation Army when we’ve things to clear out at home. With Singapore Freebies by Sharetings, perhaps, you’re able to give these items directly to the people in your community.

Various items such as heels, clothes, and furniture can be found in the channel, so it’s a great place to reduce waste and source for items at little or no cost at all. 

Join this Telegram channel here.

Calculate prize money and check TOTO results – @TOTOhuatbot

Some of us are slogging it out at work to make it big in the future, while others believe that someday, a miracle may happen and we’ll strike it rich — through 4D or TOTO. 

For those that believe in lady luck, TOTOhuatbot sets reminders for you to get your lottery ticket and calculates your prize money for you. There are also timely updates on winning numbers so that you don’t lose out.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Part-time jobs to amplify your portfolio – @SingaporePartTimeJobs

We’re slowly recovering from the economic crisis that COVID-19 has taken us through, but some of us are still struggling to find jobs opportunities and make things work. To help our fellow Singaporeans, Singapore Part Time Jobs is the biggest job channel on Telegram which shares a vast array of job opportunities.

From brand ambassador positions to event set up crews, you’d have plenty of exciting opportunities to work at interesting events and expand your horizons.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Internship opportunities for fresh graduates – @SGInternships

If you’re a fresh graduate looking to expand your portfolio and resume, accumulating industrial experience before committing to a full-time job is always a great idea. Due to its massive list of internship places, Singapore Internship Opportunities is the perfect channel to find something that’s right up your alley.

Join this Telegram channel here.

Scour for the full-time job of your dreams – @SGFTJ

For those who are ready to take on a full-time job or are amid a career switch, the Telegram channel Singapore Full Time Jobs shares content that caters to your needs.

Full-time positions offered here range from stable office administration jobs to lifestyle-based ones like dog handlers and yoga instructors. A fulfilling career starts by applying for a job that piques your interest, so kickstart your journey here.

Join this Telegram channel here.

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