Vote for your favourite panda name for Jia Jia & Kai Kai’s panda cub here

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Singapore’s little darling is now 81 days old, and weighs just over 4kg. In keeping with the tradition of naming panda cubs within the first 100 days of their birth, Mandai Wildlife Reserves sought the public’s opinion and suggestions on a suitable name for the wee panda cub.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve/facebook

Out of all the suggestions, five were shortlisted, and it’s now open to the public to vote. Panda names are unique around the world, so some names that were previously suggested by the public could not be shortlisted.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve/facebook

Here’s a look at the five shortlisted names for your picking.

Hóng Hóng (宏宏)

Hong (宏) means magnificence (宏伟/宏大). It signifies well wishes for the panda cub to grow up magnificent and healthy.

Lè Lè (叻叻)

Le (叻) comes from the old Chinese term ‘Shi Le Po’ (石叻坡), which refers to Singapore. This was in use since our beginnings as a trading port. Shi Le Po is a transliteration of the Malay term “selat” which means straits, indicative of our geographical location.

Xīn Lè (新乐)

Xin Le (新乐) means new joy and can also mean Singapore’s joy. The panda cub is a new creation and a wonderful reason for celebrating the many years of collaboration between China and Singapore.

Xīn Yáng (新阳)

Xin (新) refers to Singapore and can also mean new. Yang (阳) means the Sun. The panda cub was born in the morning of 14 August. Xin Yang (新阳) means Singapore Sun or new Sun, which symbolises the brightness and joy this birth brings.

Xīn Yuán (新缘)

Xin (新) refers to Singapore. Yuan (缘) means affinity/fate. Yuan also sounds like (圆) which means fulfilment. The cub was born after fate brought Kai Kai and Jia Jia together in Singapore.

The public is invited to cast votes for their favourite name here, and voting will on 7 November 2021, 11.59pm.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve/facebook

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