Unique Activities Outside The City To Unwind In Australia: Swim With Dolphins, Hot Air Balloon Rides & More

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With Australia having reopened its borders to travelers, it spells excitement for wander-starved tourists who miss the land of sun, surf, and outdoor adventures. With a hankering for travel and all that annual leave you’ve rolled over from the past two years, perhaps it’s time for you to take that long-deserved vacation. But instead of going on any ol’ trip, I’ve rounded up five unique activities in the land down under that’ll have you up close and personal with a croc, snagging a bird’s eye view of the reef, and more.

1. Sea activities 

Great Barrier Reef Cruise & Helicopter Tour, Cairns, Queensland

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Go snorkeling and get up close and personal with marine creatures, take a glass-bottom boat tour, and learn about the Great Barrier Reef from a marine biologist onboard — all across a span of four hours of exploration time which you’ll be given.

When you’re done, ascend to catch a bird’s eye view of the reef on an exhilarating ten-minute helicopter flight that’ll have you gaping at the clear waters below. With a chance to experience the reef from more angles than just one, this tour makes for an ultra-worth-it, larger-than-life experience. 

Cage of Death, Darwin, Northern Territory

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If you’ve never done a death-defying activity, this is the chance for you to come face to face with a massive saltwater crocodile. In the Crocosaurus Cove’s Cage of Death, you’ll step into a cylindrical cage that accommodates up to two, and be slowly lowered into the tank to come face to face with the giant reptile. 

Swim with Seals and Dolphins, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

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Alternatively, if putting yourself in close proximity to an apex predator is something you’re steering clear of, why not swim with the much more docile dolphins instead? Spot seals and dolphins on your swim along the Mornington Peninsula, and catch them frolicking about as they play in their natural habitat.

2. Explore the great outdoors

With vast stretches of land that span across miles and miles of untouched beauty, a trip to Australia is almost always synonymous with a road trip. After all, there’s no better way to immerse yourself into the wilderness than to journey through it for yourself, and with a special bunch to share the adventure with.

Blue Mountain, New South Wales

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The hop-on-hop-off bus tour grants you the joy of exploring Blue Mountain at a pace that’s best suited for you. Along the way, you’ll get to catch postcard-worthy views and learn about the area’s history with the live onboard commentary and complimentary guidebook.

Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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You can also watch as the sun sets and stargaze from the Pinnacles desert or even take a tour around the Cradle Mountain National Park where you’ll get to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature. 

For those whose preferred mode of transportation is getting around by themselves, browse these car rental options for a one-stop site for your car sourcing needs.

3. Cuddle with wildlife

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Wildlife in Australia is completely different from what you’ll find in Singapore — there are mountains, farm stays, and unique wildlife that you’ll never spot roaming the corridors of our nature trails.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Tasmania & Paradise Country Aussie Farm Experience, Gold Coast, Queensland

Photo: KLOOK

Get a glimpse of wombats, Tasmanian devils, and even echidna at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, and upgrade your ticket to feed these little critters. You can also have an up-close experience with koalas, hand-feed kangaroos, and visit an authentic sheep shearing shed at the hands-on Paradise Country Aussie Farm Experience.

4. Sky adventures 

Here’s something else you’ll be hard-pressed to find in the +65 — activities that’ll send you miles-high into the sky, which may or may not entail coming back down just as quickly. Adorned with fantastic views and a picturesque landscape, Australia is perfect for the one who’s looking to make the most of their thrills in the sky. 

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride, New South Wales

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Experience Hunter Valley on literally a whole new level as you embark on a hot air balloon ride at dawn. You’ll catch the gorgeous golden-orange hues of an early Australian sunrise couple of a hundred feet in the air.

Scenic Flight over Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake), Geraldton, Western Australia

Photo: KLOOK

Or, if your preferred mode of flying is by plane, there’s also the Pink Lake Aerial Sightseeing Tour where you’ll get to spot soft pink hues of pink from a bird’s eye view in the hands of a skilled pilot.

Skydive, Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Photo: KLOOK

Even better yet, jump out of a plane and experience the views with your naked eye when you skydive off Rottnest Island. 

5. Treat your tastebuds to gourmet offerings 

Boasting fresh produce, plenty of vineyards, and home to award-winning chefs, Australia is a gourmet’s haven and more. Don’t leave without treating your palate to some of the most delectable treats that the country has to offer.

Oyster tasting at Broken Bay, New South Wales

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Tour the Broken Bay oyster farm and experience a unique in-water oyster tasting experience over some freshly-shucked oysters and wine with your loved ones. There, you’ll also learn about how baby oysters are bred and reared.

Catch a crab tour, Gold Coast, Queensland

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Sans any allergies, you’ve most probably had a taste of freshly-caught live crabs — but what about trying your hand at catching them yourself? Join the crew on board a boat down the Tweed River of Gold Coast, where you’ll be taught how to trap live mud crabs right out of the water, and sample fresh oysters after.

Wine Tasting Experience, Tasmania & South Australia

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And of course, no trip to Australia is complete without some wine, so take a trip down to a vineyard in Tasmania so that you can have your lunch paired with some of the finest, carefully-curated wines straight from the winery for an afternoon of indulgence. 

Alternatively, try your hand at wine blending in Adelaide where you’ll get to bring your personal blend of wine home to savour in your own time. 

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Even in the current climate, getting away should remain relaxing and fuss-free — so let this list do the work for you as you embark on your adventures down under.

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