Here’s what you need to know about all 5 parks & features at the new Mandai Wildlife Reserve

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With news of various parks rebranding, you might’ve gotten lost in the sauce of what’s what. But with the new megapark slated at Mandai Wildlife Reserve to be a five-in-one safari for everyone to enjoy very soon, here are all the parks and their features broken down.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Singapore Zoo

The zoo is probably the park that everyone is the most familiar with — having grown up visiting the furry, feathered friends, and enjoying free entry on your birthday. The Singapore Zoo is home to over 2,400 specimens of over 300 species, coupled with a myriad of shows and exhibitions to keep you entertained. There’s not a single boring minute at the zoo, that’s for certain.

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Also, the zoo will have a revamped children’s play area, KidzWorld, to provide more room for the little ones to play and frolic.

Night Safari

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

The Night Safari remains as one of my favourite parks to visit — there’s something thrilling about prowling amongst nocturnal creatures at night and then heading out for supper after a night’s worth of walking. A new amphitheatre is set to grace the Night Safari as well, hinting at a possible new show to head our way soon.

River Wonders

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Home to Jia Jia, Kai Kai, and their adorable newborn, River Safari now goes by River Wonders to reflect the experience of roaming around the featured freshwater habitats.

Bird Paradise

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Former known as the OG Bird Park, Bird Paradise will now be home to one of the largest numbers of threatened avian species under human care. There, visitors can find 9 globally-themed walk-through aviaries, free-flying tropical birds, conservation sanctuaries for endangered birds, and even a waterside trail with roaming Caribbean flamingos.

Rainforest Wild

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Here’s the entirely new attraction you clicked in for — Rainforest Wild — that’s built to be a multi-generational living park that’s inspired by the tropical rainforest. You can expect park explorations in a rainforest setting with habitat, adventure, and animals are “weaved together into one compact experience”.

The park will also have an extension with a wildlife care centre for injured animals where volunteers and staff members can help wild animals found by the public through treatment within the new facility.

Free public boardwalk & nature trails

Photo: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Here’s where it gets really exciting — free-to-explore boardwalks and nature trails will be open to the public as well, complete with an eco-bridge for wildlife to move freely between parks. Those hoping to catch a glimpse of nature while going on a leisure hike can also look forward to planned nature trails, playgrounds, heritage trails, as well as boardwalks around the Mandai Reservoir.

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