Go on a Pokémon-themed flight and catch exclusive Pokémon at Gardens by the Bay with Pokémon Air Adventures

by Trinity Sun

With the recent Pokémon Happy Meals and trading card craze in Singapore, The Pokémon Company and Scoot have officially launched their Singapore experience: Pokémon Air Adventures.

Pokémon Air Adventures
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Travellers will get to board a plane decorated with classic Pokémon like Pikachu, Psyduck, Lapras, and more. The entire flight will be Pokémon-themed, from seat covers to baggage compartments sporting Pikachu decals.

Pokémon Air Adventures mascot
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Pikachu will even take over the inflight announcements, where you’ll hear his adorable pika-pika. Some lucky passengers will be chosen for a special interactive experience on the flight, and you might just be the one they choose!

Pokémon Air Adventures food
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Meals served inflight will also come in special Pikachu packaging, and travellers can choose from Japanese-inspired meals such as Chicken Yakitori or fragrant Ginger Teriyaki Chicken. And because Pokémon love sweets, you’ll get a box of cookies to go with your meal!

Pokémon Air Adventures merch
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It wouldn’t be a Pokémon experience without exclusive merchandise, and Pokémon and Scoot have designed an adorable lanyard, a pikachu reversible bucket hat, and more to complement the launch. 

Flights start from 9 September, and will land in Seoul and Tokyo. You can purchase the merchandise in advance up to 3 days before your flight, and each individual passenger is entitled to purchase one piece of merchandise per type per flight. 

Pokémon Safari Zone event
Photo Credit: Scoot

To celebrate the launch, there will also be a Pokémon Weekend on 18-20 November at Gardens by the Bay, where you’ll be treated to a Pokémon light show and a special safari zone where you can catch the event-exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Think Shiny Purrloin, which will be making its first in-game appearance, and Maractus, a grass and cactus type Pokémon! Pokémon fans who loved the previous Safari Zone event, now you get to experience it again, this time with new Pokémon.

With countries like Japan and Seoul opening up again, now’s a great time to book your next flight on Pokémon Air Adventures! 

Pokémon Air Adventures by Scoot and The Pokémon Company
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