Here are 5 simple ways you can keep active and fit while making sure that both you and your gadgets are insured, the financially savvy way

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While trying to regain a sense of normalcy in these post-covid stricken times, many Singaporeans have chosen to sign up for fitness packages at gyms, spin classes, and many other activities to keep active and more importantly, healthy. However, these options could really burn a hole in our wallets, considering that the cheapest options might still need us to fork out a healthy sum of fees per month.

You might then wonder – how can we stay active in this bustling city affordably? Firstly, we should take advantage of our tropical weather, with the abundance of sunny days and accessible parks and beaches available to us. Then, it would only be wise to consider how to keep ourselves (and our precious gadgets) safe and insured when we venture out on a new fitness journey.

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The not only offers an affordable safety net should an unfortunate accident happen to you, but it also covers the loss of your gadgets at only S$9.90 per year. That’s basically the price of one less taxi ride you get to take each year – a fair trade in our books. Read on to find out some of the activities you can participate in to keep fit and how having this plan would come in handy.

1. Go on a hiking trip

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Instead of waiting for your turn on the treadmill and being hyper-aware of the distance between you and the next sweaty gym go-er, go on a weekly hike to rack up those cardio steps. Some popular hiking destinations include MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Fort Canning Park. These trails range in difficulty, so you could pick the adventure you want to have that day, depending on how confident you’re feeling. Should you fall and want a few scratches patched up by a doctor, you will be able to make a S$50 claim from your accident plan simply by getting a receipt, filling up a form, and submitting those to AIA.

2. A walk in a park and a picnic

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Nothing quite beats a relaxing walk on a weekend, followed by a good picnic where you get to soak in the sun, breathe in some fresh air and recharge for the work week ahead. Some nice picnic spots other than neighbourhood parks include Marina Barrage, Henderson Waves and Botanic Gardens, which are all free to enter. A bonus would be that you could bring your pets along to spend the day with you. You’d also be glad to know that in the event of food poisoning, a claim could also be made the same way and your visit to the GP would be covered up to S$50 too.

3. Group exercise session in neighbourhood parks

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If you find that the hardest part of exercising is making the first step and starting, it will help to surround yourself with a group of friends to support you and egg you on. It is far harder to break a 7pm exercise agreement with your friend than with yourself. It would also help to organise activities that you enjoy doing together, such as playing frisbee, going roller skating or just taking a stroll. You would not need to fret, at least financially, if you get bitten by a wayward mozzie and catch dengue. A regular dengue blood test costs around S$40 and all you have to do is go through the simple process of making a claim for up to S$50 after visiting the doctor.

4. Pick up cycling

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Besides being a good way to lose weight and hit your fitness goals, cycling also allows you to discover new trails and areas on our sunny island. The Jurassic Mile and Round Island Route (eastern half) are some of the newest cycling routes that are worth checking out. Bicycles are also readily available for rent at parks and at the start and end of certain routes if you are not ready to commit to the sport just yet. You can also be sure that you’re partially covered in the event of an accident as you can claim up to S$50 for a visit to the A&E, which usually starts from S$120.

5. Swimming at public pools

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Here’s another affordable and super-accessible way to keep active. The entry fees to enter a public swimming pool range from S$1 to $1.70 for an adult and these facilities are available in almost every neighbourhood in Singapore. Just be sure to book a slot in advance on the ActiveSG app to ensure your entry during your desired time. Should you lose your precious gadgets like your phone or earbuds while out swimming, you can claim up to S$100 from the same accident plan, which is an exclusive feature of Singtel. The process to make this claim is also straightforward; you will have to file a police report, prepare a proof of purchase of your lost gadget, fill up a claim form and submit all the documents to AIA. You can then put the S$100 towards getting a new device.

Armed with these ideas and the personal accident insurance plan that allows you to make up to three medical claims per year, you can now embark on your fitness journey with peace of mind. You can find out more details about the Singtel Active Protect Personal Accident Insurance Plan .

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After signing up for Singtel Active Protect, be sure to register for Singtel and AIA Singapore’s monthly giveaways, where you can win prizes such as iPhones, Thermomix, and Brompton bicycles. What better way to start your new active lifestyle than with a brand-new bike? Register .

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