The Cat Museum is a little known museum in Singapore where you can learn about the history of our local cats

the cat museum

If you’re an animal lover, or just want to spend time cuddling up with some of the most adorable creatures ever, you need to book a visit to The Cat Museum.

Located at North Bridge Road, here’s where you’ll be able to interact with the sweetest kitties while learning more about the history of cats in Singapore. (And if you’re considering adopting a furbaby, this is where you can meet and interact with your potential new kitty too.)

the cat museum
Photos: @thecatmuseumsg and @grumpymrdarcy/instagram

Established in 2015, explore the multi-storey museum by walking up the stairs to the second floor and check out the Museum with specially curated cat photos, and cat-themed art and crafts (paintings and sculptures) from all around the world.

Once you’re done with the Museum, head to the next floor where you’ll find the Muses where some cats and kittens up for adoption live. This is where you’ll get to interact with them while learning more about the history of cats in Singapore. 

Photos: @saienahdonna and @thecatmuseumsg/instagram

From local Malayan cats to the cats that travelled on ships from India and China with our forefathers, the arrival of British cats during the period of colonisation and Japanese cats during the Japanese occupation… These feline forefathers have given us the cats we now have in Singapore, also known as the Lion City Kitty.

the cat museum
Photos: @thecatmuseumsg and @alyssakohshuling/instagram

Finally, up on the last floor, you’ll find the Mansion where you’ll be able to check out ​​unique cat furniture and furnishing ideas for cat owners or people considering adopting a cat or two. This is also where you’ll also be able to interact with The Cat Museum founder, Jessica Seet’s older adopted cats.

For weekends where you just want to chill but do something different (with the cutest cuddliest kitties) while contributing to a good cause at the same time – book a 1-hour session (S$20) at The Cat Museum! 

Photos: @thecatmuseumsg/instagram

Your money will go to helping the non-profit organisation care for the cats they rescue and foster, from the food they eat to vet bills, vaccinations and more.

the cat museum
Photos: @thecatmuseumsg/instagram

PS: If you’re keen, you might also want to check out Kitten Sanctuary Singapore located a short 2-minute walk from The Cat Museum!

Photos: @thecatmuseumsg/instagram

The Cat Museum
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???? 781A North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 198749
???? 11.30am – 12.30pm, 5pm – 6pm (Sat to Sun) 

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Editor’s Note:

We enjoy animal-related establishments as it gives us the opportunity to interact with our favourite animals – and as animal lovers, we can’t ignore the ethical issues that revolve around this. From animal cafes to pet shops and catteries, there are a wide range of ethical concerns when it comes to animal welfare such as the treatment of the animals, or ethical breeding at pet shops and catteries.

As we share some really great animal cafes, pet shops and catteries to visit, we strongly urge everyone to treat these animals gently, and if you have seen signs that the animals are not being well taken care of, please highlight it to us immediately. If you are considering getting a pet, we would also encourage you to consider adoption options first if possible. There are plenty of lovable animals waiting for a good home at places like SoSD, Cat Welfare Society, and the SPCA!

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