Cat-themed market Cats of the World Purrzaar is back with more unique kitty crafts, workshops & a cat adoption drive

cat-themed market

One for animal lovers (or if you simply enjoy a good market), our favourite cat-themed market, Cats of the World Purrzaar (COTW Purrzaar) is back from 28 to 29 May 2022

Held in conjunction with Cat Welfare Society (CWS) and Crane, you can expect a variety of creative crafts to purchase, fun workshops to try out, and the cutest cats up for adoption.

Purrzaar of Feline Finds

cat-themed market
Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

First things first, look out for all the one-of-a-kind meow-chandise from various vendors with kitty-themed artworks, accessories, jewellery, ceramics, stationery, pet food and more. 

Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

If you’ve been to COTW Purrzaar in the past, you’ll find some popular favourites such as sustainable cup holders by Oatsie’s Trunk, ceramics (my personal favourite) by Troops on Print, cat beds by Cat Mama Shop by CWS, sewn products by Momshoo, and linocut prints by Eat to Draw.

cat-themed market
Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

Otherwise, look out for new vendors offering more quirky cat-themed items such as cat earrings from Whimsy and Magic, and bandanas by The Pets Couture.

Cat-Themed Workshops 

Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

Not satisfied with just buying crafts and would love to get crafty too? Book a workshop and easily try your hand at blockprinting (S$65), resin art (S$50), sewing (S$60) or crocheting (S$60)!

cat-themed market
Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

Not only will you be able to learn a new skill, but you’ll also be contributing to a good cause as a portion of the proceeds from the workshops will be donated to CWS. 

Cat Adoption Drive

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the adoption drive if you’ve been considering getting a pet and are ready for the responsibilities that come with it too. This might be a good opportunity to consider adopting a cat and giving your potential new furbaby a good home!

Photos: @dawnpillay/instagram

(I’ve personally adopted two cats from CWS, and they’ve been an incredible addition to my family bringing us much joy and laughter over the years.)

With the goal of raising funds for CWS through COTW Purrzaar, this is one fun cat-themed market to visit with the knowledge that you’ll be supporting a good cause.

cat-themed market
Photos: Cats of the World Purrzaar

And if you do make it down, keep a special lookout for Captain, the kitty ambassador (and all-around good boi) for The Pets Couture. He’ll be there to do his part and raise funds for CWS at his Petting Corner

Ready for a purrfect day at the market? We’ll see you there!

Cats of the World Purrzaar
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???? 46 Kim Yam Rd, #01-06, Singapore 239351
???? 4.30pm-6pm
????️ 28 to 29 May 2022

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