Therapist Thrift Shop’s Fill A Bag for only $10 event is back from 28 to 29 October 2022

by Dawn Pillay
therapist thrift shop

If there’s one thing that sparks joy oh-so-easily, it would be the joy of retail therapy. Stumbling on the cutest finds from a t-shirt that just screams ‘you’, to the coolest jacket to sling over your fit, or the most vibey pair of shoes yet. Unfortunately, most of us don’t quite have a bottomless bank account where the money is limitless and never ends. But that’s okay because Therapist Thrift Shop is back with their Fill A Bag event!

@therapistthriftshop come down to bukit timah shopping centre #05-19 this friday and saturday for our monthly $10 fill a bag event from 1pm to 7pm! #fillabag #fillabagevent #sgtiktok #sg #sgthrift #sgthrifting ♬ original sound – Lofi_lyrics

Available from 28 to 29 October 2022 (today and tomorrow), from 1 to 7pm, head over fast to score first dibs on the thrifting treasures in the store. For only S$10, you get to fill a bag with anything that catches your eye. Take as many pieces as you want, until your bag gets filled up.

therapist thrift shop
Photos: @therapist_thrift_shop/instagram

Twenty new t-shirts or dresses for $10? Not a problem. From graphic tees and cropped tops to flannel shirts, vintage dresses, boyfriend shirts and more – there’s plenty to choose from to suit different styles. 

And what’s better than this S$5 Fill A Bag event being a very economical method of retail therapy? It’s also an eco-friendly and sustainable way to contribute to the environment as you shop vintage or gently used clothing that are still in way too good of a condition to be making its sad way to a landfill. 

therapist thrift shop
Photos: @therapist_thrift_shop/instagram

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” for sure at this thrift shop in Singapore. And if you didn’t already know, Therapist Thrift Shop’s S$10 Fill A Bag event is a monthly event. So even if you already have plans and can’t make it down this weekend, fret not. Simply look out for the next Fill A Bag event on their socials!

Therapist Thrift Shop
Instagram | TikTok | Website
📍 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #05-19 Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
🕒 1pm – 7pm (Tue to Sat) 

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