Singapore man prints vaccination report on T-shirt, you can do the same to flex when dining out

by Natalie Lim

COVID-19 has been compared to a zombie apocalypse over and over again, and it’s not hard to see why. A pandemic that forces us into quarantine and now, a situation that isolates the vaccinated and non-vaccinated into groups.

So if you belong to the 80 per cent that is fully vaccinated, you can celebrate it like this Singapore man who printed his full vaccination report on a T-shirt. You know what they say, wear it like you mean it.

Vaccination T-shirts for a newfound release

Photo: @hyneo/instagram

On 11 August, Instagram user @hyneo posted photos of his vaccination status on Instagram. But no, not the paper slips that everyone is posting on their IG stories. Instead, he took it to a whole new level by printing and wearing his vaccination report on a T-shirt.

In the picture, he can be seen enjoying a cold pint of beer — possibly celebrating the fact that he gets to dine out again.

His post’s caption goes:

“Yesterday Singapore is open to dine-in once again. You have to prove you are already vaccinated. So I printed this in my factory. This two days dining in is a breeze. No question asked. Benefit of vaccine. Dont hesitate, vaccine and stay safe”

Photo: @hyneo/instagram

The vaccination T-shirt proudly states his entire report. From his two vaccination doses to their effective dates and even the type of vaccine he took (Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty), he got it right down to a T.

Photo: @djjaderasif/instagram

This garnered the attention of many netizens and influencer Jade Rasif has been spotted doing the same. You slay, queen.

While immensely humorous, wearing this T-shirt does not grant you easy access to eateries. You’d still have to use TraceTogether, HealthHub, or SafeEntry (Business) apps as official means of verification. 

The T-shirt is still cool, though. 

The custom-made vaccination T-shirt is supposedly made by Asia Apparel Pte Ltd and you can get one too. The personalised shirt will display your name and NRIC (partly censored),  along with a confirmation of your vaccine doses.

Jade Rasif has also linked the place she got her shirt from for your convenience.

Since there are no minimum orders, you can get the T-shirt for yourself or for family and friends. Cheers to dining out.

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