10 viral Dou Yin beauty trends that are easy & effective for a quick and effortless glow-up

by Carol Ong

1. ‘V’ blush placements

If you’re active on social media platforms like TikTok, then you’re probably no stranger to the viral Dou Yin blush trend. Yes, the one that makes you look like a sun-kissed goddess with just the right amount of flush — and it’s really easy to attain.

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: AugAugten/RED

Simply draw little arrows with a liquid blush (or lip stain, if you can find a really good one!) on the high points of your face like your nose, upper cheeks, upper outer corner of your lids and chin et voila, you’ve got a natural, rosy glow

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: AugAugten/RED

2. Multi-use glitter eyeshadow

Glitters and metallic shimmers are different, so be sure not to mix this one up! In viral Dou Yin beauty trends, the correct one to use would be glitter eyeshadows — the ones that make your eyes look they’ve been kissed by the stars. 

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 乐 popo/RED

Other than using it on their lids for a bright and youthful look, the glitter is also sometimes used on the lower lids for aegyo sal, as well as nose and cheeks for an iridescent and highlighted look

3. Strategic mole dotting for a smaller face 

Did you know that the placement of moles can affect the way others perceive our faces? Dotting moles on the ‘empty’ parts of your face like your cheeks will draw attention to it and at the same time fill up the space to create the illusion of a smaller face. An iconic person with a mole in that area is Jang Won Young from IVE, one of KPOP’s hottest it girls right now.

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: iuv/RED

You can also dot moles on the features that you like and wish to draw attention to. Who knew a tiny dot could make such a difference? 

4. Separated manga lashes

Instead of Kim K-styled lashes that create a sultry and sexy cat-eye look, Dou Yin’s most popular beauty trends sees manga lashes as the superior lash style. 

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 柳三三 633/RED

The separated lashes that stick straight up create an innocent and clean bright-eyed look, perfect for effortless glam while still looking natural. 

There’s a couple of ways to attain the manga lashes — manga lash extensions (which have been gaining a lot of popularity in Singapoe as of late), ready-made falsies, or simply use tweezers to separate the lashes after curling them and applying mascara! 

5. Pouty blurred mermaid lips 

The freshly kissed blurred lip look has been popular for quite some time now, but on Dou Yin, people are upping the ante by ‘’contouring’’ the lips with lip colour and concealer to create a pouty, mermaid-like lip look. 

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 老甜豆儿/RED

Simply draw an ‘V’ in the middle of your upper lips, extend the outer corners of your lips a little bit and line the centre middle part of your lower lip (like how you would with a lip pencil), draw two little arrows pointing upwards on your upper lips and smudge it all out. 

Clean up the outer edges and lines of your lips with concealer, blend and there you have it — super kissable looking pouty mermaid lips. 

6. Siren eyes with aegyo sal 

Here’s another viral Dou Yin beauty trend that have taken the internet by storm — sultry siren eyes with aegyo sal

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 蝠蝠 FU/RED

Instead of just highlighting your aegyo sal (highlighting your ‘eye bags’ and shading with a light brown contour), elongate your eyes by drawing eyeliner only on the outer corners of your eye as well, following your own eye shape. 

This creates a super sensual eye look with uber maneater vibes for the girls looking for a boost of confidence.

7. Icy contact lenses 

If you’ve seen Chinese influencers on your FYP or popular page, you’ll notice that many of them sport a sexy, icy look with light contact lenses instead of cutesy circle lenses (which used to be the trend!

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 小米想吃大米/RED

Colours like hazel, grey and light blue are really popular — but make sure to find the right brands that are safe and have colours that are actually vibrant enough to show up on the eye like ByCaxs or OLEN’s Russian Velvet. 

8. Porcelain skin 

Glowy glass skin might be all the rage right now — but on Dou Yin, many beauty influencers have impeccable porcelain skin, which I feel lies somewhere in between a glowy finish and a matte finish. 

Dou Yin beauty trends

To attain this gorgeous, soft and velvety finish, make sure to apply sunscreen, a base and top off with a transparent setting powder to finish the look. Try not to use any bronzer, we’re going for the effortless look here! 

9. Button nose contour

Many Dou Yin influencers have virtually perfect nose structures — no matter the size of their noses. This is probably due to the button nose contouring method, which helps to define the nose without looking too harsh. 

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 谷之/RED

Simply draw an inverted triangle down your nose bridge to just above the tip of your nose, and draw a circle connecting to the point of the triangle where the tip of your nose begins, then highlight and blend as you would normally do! It might sound complicated, but just try to think of it as if you’re drawing an exclamation point on your nose (that’s what I do!). 

10. Glassy jelly acrylic nails 

While looking through Dou Yin beauty trends, I’ve also seen many people wearing long, glassy jelly nails that make the hands look super slender and pretty. 

Dou Yin beauty trends
Photo: 古月/RED

Instead of just going for jelly nails (which are all the rage right now!), try going for some almond-shaped acrylics as well. Jazz it up with some bling and blows and that’s it — you’re on the trend. 

If you’re looking for a quick glow-up, try out some of these easy and effective viral Dou Yin beauty trends! Who knows — maybe you’ll find something that works so well for you that you’ll integrate it into your daily routine! 

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