8 viral and versatile Christmas nail designs perfect for the festive season without being too over the top


The festive season is officially here — and many of us are taking this chance to pretty ourselves up for the endless year-end parties, dinners and gatherings to come. 

When I think of getting an instant glow up, one of the first things that comes to mind is getting a good manicure, but I hardly ever get Christmas-themed nails because they’re often pretty loud (like the ones you see being displayed on boards outside nail salons) and not to mention once Christmas is over, they’re immediately deemed ‘out of style’. 

But recently, Christmassy accent nails have been going viral on social media platforms — and the best part is that not only are they super apt for the festive season, they’re also so subtly elegant that they can be worn even through New Year’s! 

To help you become the talk of the room with your gorgeous festive manicure, here are 8 Christmas nail inspirations that aren’t too over the top (whether you like rocking long acrylics or simple short nails!). 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: 杭州美甲 – 遇见美颜轩/RED

If you’ve been on social media (especially TikTok), then you’ve probably seen a video or two about Hailey Bieber’s viral pearlescent chrome nails. If you’re looking to hop onto the trend just in time for your Christmas manicure, try out this Christmas nail design that incorporates those pearly nails with actual pearl charms and thin ribbons that create the timeless old money and elegant look. 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: 嘟嘟/RED

Jelly nails have been taking over Pinterest — and people have even come up with easy ways to get your own gorgeous jelly nails at home (mixing a clear nail base with a few drops of the nail polish shade of your choice). For those who just can’t get enough of this adorable soft girl look, go for this dainty Christmas nail design that’s bound to bring out the best feminine energy in you this festive season.


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: timo2830/RED

Velvet nails, otherwise known as cat eye nails are one of the newest nail trends on TikTok — and it’s not hard to see why. It’s simple, shimmery and looks lush at the same time so it’s perfect for anyone that wants to level up their manicure without being too loud. This festive season, rock this unique cat eye french manicure completed with the use of different rhinestones and pearls that create a fun, colourful but still gentle nail look. 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: ~~~~💃/RED

As someone who wears burgundy red nails practically all year round, there couldn’t be a better time to rock this colour than Christmas time! Mulled wine, Santa hats, Rudolph’s nose — they’re all donned in this magnificent colour. But of course, you’ve gotta add a little bling to it for the festive season. If you’re someone who prefers a more mature look without missing out on the fun, check out this Christmas nail design that’s definitely a head-turner. 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: 甲盖子分享/RED

We’ve been through several nail trends on the list, but here’s one that’s quite possibly the most popular — blush nails. Coupled with little hand-drawn nail art of Christmas favourites like reindeers and Santa (and they don’t look tacky at all!), this nail look is definitely leaning more towards the youthful side and great for those who prefer a more cutesy look for the festive season! 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: Mariangeles S.A./pinterest

You can hardly go wrong with french manicures. This Christmas, combine this classic style with one of the season’s favourite candies for the ultimate classy, but still festive look. This particular design also incorporates the use of louder colours like bright red and gold for a more vibrant look without being too crazy thanks to this sweet design. 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: 我肥来了/RED

Christmas isn’t just about the burgundy, green and gold, it’s also about the white, silver and blues! If you’re looking for a cooler-toned manicure for the season, this icy confetti manicure could be the perfect choice for you. Plus, the sparkles and charms are also reminiscent of New Year sparklers. 


viral christmas nail designs
Photo: @lightslacquer/TikTok

Still having Halloween blues and want to channel your inner Wednesday Addams? Tame your talons with this sleek jet-black design (you can even opt for a matte finish) that comes with one small festive touch — an abstract yet incredibly simple-to-draw Christmas tree. 

Ready to don your Christmas claws during your next manicure appointment? Show your nail tech this article and let them work their magic! 

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