Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis is a botanical utopia hidden inside a condominium serving tantalising brunch 

by Carol Ong

You’ve probably been to a couple of brunch places in Singapore, and you’ve definitely at least passed by (if not lived or been in) more than a couple of condominiums in Singapore. 

But have you been to a brunch cafe inside of a condominium before? 

Hidden within the gates of a condominium along Aljunied Road, Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis is a two-storey cafe and the second outlet of its kind with such a unique location (the first being Alto Cafe at Bayshore Park condominium). 

Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis
Photo: Alto Cafe

With luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows and botanical-themed decor completed with rattan accents, the cafe makes for a great place to enjoy the sunlight (without sweating your shirt off!) while catching up with your loved ones—or simply to have a good brunch even if you’re alone. Give me a nice cup of coffee and a good book and I could be there all day. 

Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis
Photo: Alto Cafe

The menu is simple but substantial, with offerings like their Signature Open Toasts including Avo Smash On Toast (S$15), Hummus-Cide (S$15), Magic Mushrooms (S$15) and more. 

Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis
Photo: Alto Cafe

For hearty platters that are also colourful and pretty enough for your IG feed, there’s the All Day Brekkie plates with the signature Alto Breakfast (S$19) and Runny Benny (S$15). If you’re looking for meatless options, fret not! There’s also items like Vegan’s Eden (S$18) on the menu. 

Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis
Photo: Alto Cafe

And that’s just brushing the tip of the iceberg on the food that you can get at Alto Cafe.

For something sweet without the sin, there’s the Blue Dabadee (S$10) smoothie bowl that’s in a lovely shade of well, blue. This is due to the spirulina in the smoothie that you’ll really love if you’re a health junkie (it’s not artificial colouring!). 

The cafe is also HALAL-certified and Muslim-owned, so everyone can dine with a peace of mind at this tranquil garden of a cafe, so plus points for that. 

If you’re wondering how you’re gonna get to the cafe if it’s located inside a condominium, don’t worry. 

There is an entrance to the cafe around a bus stop opposite of Aljunied Road for visitors!

The next time you’re looking to have some brunch somewhere a little more unique, check out Alto Cafe at Sims Urban Oasis! 

Alto Cafe @ Sims Urban Oasis
Facebook Instagram
📍 14 Sims Dr, #01-64, Singapore 387392
🕒 12pm–8.30pm (Mon to Fri), 9am–4pm (Sat & Sun)

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